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As any sniper or hunter will tell you, you can get all the sniper gear in the world but without a ghillie or yowie suit, you won’t be as effective.
There are many other features that you might find in a yowie suit such as adjustable drawstrings, non-allergenic materials, fireproof threading, and a breathable mesh, very important if you’re going to wear it for a while. This yowie suit from Arcturus Camo is one of the most complete suits available, as it includes a rifle wrap, face veil, pants, jacket and a hat. Although there several pieces here, the suit is pretty easy to put on, and the mesh is very effective in keeping bugs off your face.
If you’re into hunting then you’ll probably appreciate what the Ameristep 3-D leafy poncho has to offer.
Ghost Ghillie Suit The Ghost Ghillie Suit is an advanced 3D camouflage suit that is a mid-weight ghillie suit. Camo Woodland Camouflage 5-Piece Complete "SV" Tactical 5 piece woodland camo ghillie suit. Adults Ghillie Suit Desert Color for Hunting This Camouflage Desert Ghillie Suit brings you a fully professional, affordable system that is both compactible and strong. Buffalo Woodland or Forest Camo Ghillie Suit 3-D Leafy PonchoBlend seamlessly into the background while hunting with the Ameristep 3-D leafy poncho.
Propper Men's BDU Coat, WoodlandThe PROPPER BDU Coat pairs with the BDU Trouser to create a rugged uniform.
Rothco Special Ops Woodland Camo Tactical Softshell JacketRothco's Softshell Tactical Jackets Are Constructed With A Breathable Moisture Wicking Fabric And A 100% Waterproof Polyester Shell.
Rothco Spec Ops Tactical Softshell Jacket Olive Drab Special Operations Tactical Military Soft Shell Jacket - Special OPS Soft Shell Tactical Jacket - 100% Polyester, Waterproof Soft Shell Material. The Red Rock Outdoor Gear 5 Piece Ghillie Suit is the hunting industry's standard for ghillie suits.
TRU-SPEC is one of the leading suppliers of uniforms and personal equipment to military, law enforcement and public safety markets.
Condor Outdoor Products, Inc specialize in tactical vest, plate carrier, modular pouches, packs.
Inspired by authentic military design, the PROPPER ACU Coat in Battle Rip fabric provides the functionality of a military garment in a lighter weight material. The Sniper Ghillie Suit 02-7738 is a complete, ready to wear garment that covers your entire body and head. This jacket and pants set the perfect camouflage whether you are an ambitious hunter, a sniper, or a player in a game of paintball. Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Bird Watching, This is the Suit to Blend into the Countryside Background.

All terrain camo suits are ready to wear and come complete with pants, jacket and hood, will cover your entire body and head. CamoSystems brings you a fully professional, affordable, 3D camouflage net system that is both compactible and strong. We use Industrial sewing machines to sew a knotted 1" x 1" nylon netting directly to a Military BDU 4 pocket coat. We start with a lightweight breathable No-See-Um fabric for the garment shell, this feels smooth to the skin so you can wear a T-shirt underneath.
Boonie style hood has a lightweight breathable No-See-Um fabric sewn on, with a mosquito face mask.
If you already own a Delica or Endura, you have one of the best selling knives Spyderco makes. The 8Cr13Mov stainless blade is leaf-shaped and ground flat from spine to cutting edge for cutting performance.
Valken Crusade Hatch Paintball Pants You will love all the extra attention that goes into the construction of the Valken Crusade pants. The Valken V-TAC Echo Vest delivers the tactical feel and customization of a vest, with the lightweight agility of a tournament harness. The new Valken Tactical Echo Pants were created to complement our popular Echo Tactical Combat Shirt.
The suit is basically a kind of camo clothing that resembles foliage and it usually looks like a bunch of twigs or leaves clustered together. These suits are made from the finest materials and threads so you don’t just become your environment but can expect the suit to last even with constant use.
Another advantage that comes with modern yowie suits is their relative lightness, as even a full suit weighs less than 4 lbs.   While other components are important, you need to look at the overall weight particularly if you’re bringing a lot of gear like a range finder, ammo and more.
Weighing just three pounds, this 3D camo suit is made from lightweight synthetic threads and is resistant to mildew and moisture, perfect for use even in rainy conditions. With the face veil and the hat, your face will be very difficult to see and you can disappear into real foliage easily.
The leafy pattern texture is one of the most realistic around, and even if you have a recoil pad or carrying a shooting mat you’ll disappear in foliage seamlessly.
As far as design goes, this is pretty good with 25 leaf patterns, a hood in the center and drawstrings on both sides, a basic but effective design.
This four-pocket coat features drain holes in the bellowed pockets for quick drying and fused pocket flaps and collar for a clean, pressed look. The best tactical backpack in the market, two gun pouch at the waist, for hand gun, cell phone, ipad, gps, medical need.

Appropriately named the Warrior Ghillie Suit, this is a great, affordable ghillie suit for under $100.
It's being tough and tireless in achieving your best performance; all worthy descriptive words for a hard-use knife. These aren’t just foliage that were stitched together and will collapse after a few uses, as they have been designed for professional and military applications, just like a good range bag. It’s not just complete but also comes with a handy carrying bag so you can pack it with you anywhere you go. The suit by the way, is light enough to put on over your shirt during summer, and you can wear it during winter as well over a coat, so it’s very flexible. It was developed with hunters and snipers in mind, but even if you don’t carry sniper gear and are into wildlife photography, you’ll find this useful.
If you’re a hunter or sniper, you’ll need a yowie to hide yourself from your target and blend in with the environment.
These suits moreover, are resistant to rain, moisture and other elements so you won’t experience any discomfort while donning one. Once you wear it, you’ll vanish into the foliage and wildlife won’t even notice that you are there. Unlike the traditional camouflage though, a yowie suit immerses you in the environment completely, so even your sniper scopes won’t be visible. Our kid's camo suits are made of the same lightweight, breathable fabric that covers their entire body.
Ghost Ghillie Suits have made this a full ghillie suit after determining that one of the most common complaints with ghillie suits is that they do not have enough material. The threading is sewn directly to the jacket and pants eliminating the need for the netting foundation layer. This thread pattern was shown in field tests as being harder to spot when compared to the other commercially made ghillie suits with only greens and brown. The dry grass pattern consists of a greenish tan base mixed with some light olive thread to mimic grassland.

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