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The post was renamed Fort Wingate after the abandonment of an army post of that name located sixty miles away in San Rafael, New Mexico. 1877- New Mexico Territory- Dick Brewer, Charles Bowdre, and Doc Scurlock, pals of Billy the Kid, return to Lincoln. 1905- Basin, Wyoming- 4,000 of 7,000 of Louis Gantz’s sheep are shot or clubbed to death by cattlemen. 1875- Henry McCarty (AKA Billy the Kid) escapes from a Silver City jail and rides towards Arizona Territory. 1877- Montana Territory- Major Guido Ilges and civilian volunteers fight the Nez Perces at Cow Creek Canyon. 1877- Kansas- Bill Heffridge and Joel Collins, members of Sam Bass’s gang, are killed by soldiers in Grove County.
1886- Fort Du Chesne, Utah- Major Frederick Benteen, of Little Bighorn fame, is found drunk while on duty. 1888- Texas- Over a sort period of time Bill Whitley, Brack Cornett, and others robbed the bank at Cisco, Texas, taking $25,000 and, a few days later, they stopped an I&GN train near McNeill in Travis County, stealing $20,000 from the express car.
1872- Kansas City, Missouri- outlaw Bob Younger aided the James brothers in their robbery of the pay office at the county fair. 1877- Kansas- Joel Collins, co-leader of the Bass-Collins gang, was shot dead by posse men & soldiers at Buffalo Station, Kansas a week after the Big Spring train robbery.
1935- Colorado Springs, Colorado- Andy Adams, cowboy and author of The Log of a Cowboy died on this date.

1864- Centralia, Missouri- Confederate guerrilla Bloody Bill Anderson and his men, including a teenage Jesse James, massacre 20 unarmed Union soldiers at Centralia. 1864- Orofino Gulch, Montana Territory- James Whitlatch discovers the Union Lode near Helena and becomes the territory’s first millionaire. 1869- Hayes City, Kansas- was a wild town freight and cattle center, and it attracted some of the worst gunmen of the day. 1878- New Mexico Territory- John Selman and nine of his “Wrestlers” ransack Will Hudgen’s saloon near Fort Stanton. 1878- Famished Woman’s Fork, Kansas- nine soldiers are wounded in a fight with Indians.
1878-Kansas- Chiefs Dull Knife and Little Wolf of the Northern Cheyenne led their people in a rebellion and flight from confinement and starvation on the reservation in Oklahoma (Indian Territory) to their home lands in Yellowstone. 1893- Delta, Colorado- Outlaws Bill & Fred McCarty were shot to pieces in Delta when they attempted to rob the bank there.
Mason reports that 40 Indians were killed by the 5th Cavalry at Muchos Canyon on Arizona’s Santa Maria River.
Antrim, Billy the Kid’s stepfather, is honorably discharged from the Indiana Volunteer Infantry. One of these was a brutish teamster named Samuel Strawhim who arrived with a half dozen teamsters on this date. The discoverer and seller of the Comstock Load commits suicide, after being broke and in poor health at the age of 50.

The trek climaxed on 27 Sep 1878, when 284 braves, women and children made their final stand on the bluffs of Ladder Creek, now Beaver Creek, just south of Scott County State Park. Adams traveled to Texas in the early 1880s and remained there for ten years, eight of which he spent in trail driving. He and his friends stormed into John Bitters’ Beer Saloon that night and began to wreck the place. A few minutes later Sheriff Wild Bill Hickok, accompanied by Deputy Peter Lanihan, arrived at the saloon and ordered Strawhim to surrender his guns.
On this date the 10th Cavalry (Buffalo Soldiers)-came riding to their rescue with a field ambulance and medical supplies. In 1892 he drifted to gold-mining camps in Colorado and Nevada and in 1894 moved to Colorado Springs, where he lived until his death.
The gang members elected to shoot it out and Whitley was killed, another member was captured, and Cornett escaped in a wild ride across the plains. Sheriff Alfred Allee tracked the bandit across Arizona and, at Frio, shot it out with him, killing Cornett.

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