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Red-hot competition among Boston - New York bus companies means you'll find a lot of bargains . You'll find some big differences between destination and drop-off points, amenities, service, and cost - so it pays to look at each option and decide which fits YOUR needs the best. The Limo Liner provides complimentary internet access as well as a movie, CNN on TV, a full meal, snacks, beverages, and in the evening, wine. Seats are spacious and comfortable, work space is great if you're using a laptop, and food and beverages are available to buy - although both Penn Station and South Station offer much better food choices than you'll find on board.

Most buses are ADA compliant, meaning that the bus stops, coaches and staff are equipped and able to assist passengers with disabilities.
York City on West 33rd Street near 12th Avenue, a block south of the Javits Convention Center. Chinatown and New York's Chinatown, Fung Wah had its license to operate intercity buses revoked on February 26, 2013 by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration because of numerous safety issues. Bus provides free WiFi, power plugs, and even leather seats on some coaches.  With service from Boston's Chinatown to New York's Chinatown, Yo!

However, following reorganization of the company, Fung Wah may begin operations again in 2015.

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