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At the Brookville Locomotive facility in Pennsylvania.AMT F59PH 1340 (Still in the GO livery with AMXX lettering) is being overhauled along with one other.
On July 16th, Agence Metropolitaine de Transport (AMT) train 890 is crossing the Wellington Bridge in Montreal with ALP45-DP 1352 in the early morning heading back to St-Hilaire, QC for another commuter departure later that morning over CN tracks.
In August, AMT removed their double decker assigned cars from the Montreal- Delson run, and has assigned the A AMT 700 series BBD-built single decker cars with single (and paired) F59PH locomotives.
Previously stored at the old CN Pointe St-Charles Shop in Montreal, former Agence Metropolitaine de Transport (AMT) GP9u 1310, 1312, and 1313 were photographed by Richard Marchi in CN-Taschereau Yard A August 4th for movement to Chicago, ILL. Seven of the of the recently refurbished and repainted AMT 700 series cars were deadheading on CN's Montreal Sub this evening, led by F40 AMT 310. At the CP St-Luc Yard in Montreal on August 4th, Richard Marchi snapped several of the AMT 700-series cars refurbished at the Ontario Northland’s North Bay Shop over the summer. Railfan reaction to the new GO Transit paint scheme has been inconclusive, ever since the Toronto commuter agency unveiled the first locomotive and rail car in the new bright green paint scheme for its regional rail and bus fleet. The next new Bombardier Bilevel deliveries GO Transit is expected to receive: are coach cars 2815-2837, and coach accessibility cars 2553-2554. A new order of GO MP40's is expected, some were spotted around the MPI Boise locomotive factory in August.

There has been no new news on the repowering of a GO MP40PH-3C to meet Tier-4 emissions standards to appease residents in Weston along the Kitchener line.
Metrolinx agrees to expropriate the old Knob Hill Farms location in Ottawa for a new station to extend the Lakeshore East line. On August 13th, Warren Mayhew positioned himself at the Burloak Drive Railway crossing in Burlington, ON to catch a few GO trains. A document has been posted by the TTC outlining the expected delivery of the new LRT streetcars and replacement schedule of old cars, along with fare payment and rostering info. The last of the late 70's Hawker Siddeley H5 subway trains in service made a final trip on June 14th, on a run from Downsview down the line and back. To date, in addition to the H5 fleet directly being replaced by new Toronto Rockets on the Yonge-University-Spadina (YUS) line, the entire fleet of early 70's H4 subway cars has been retired (displaced by late 90's Bombardier T1 cars migrating from the YUS line to the Bloor-Danforth line due to earlier TR deliveries). After a CN movement passed by the photographer Andy Cassidy on August 13th, Amtrak was hot on his trail.
A CP has deemed the double decker cars and double stack container cars could be unstable in high winds over the long bridge over the St-Lawrence River and both are now banned from this bridge in bad weather conditions, A Anemometer measuring devices were installed on the bridge A after the MMA double stack derailment on the bridge a few year back.
They will be entering regular service next week on the Candiac line when AMT launches new trains on the St-Jerome line, requiring more equipment.

The repowering of the nearly new locomotive was originally to be done using the new Cummins QSK-95, but it was not yet ready so the plans were changed to a pair of Cummins QSK-60 diesel engines.
Most of the main roads pass under the tracks in Burlington.A  Burloak is an exception and a good location to shoot GO trains.
A After being there for awhile, an employee in a truck of some contractor doing work on the rail line nearby came by and told me he couldn't take photos because I was trespassing on RR property.
All are still testing and not yet in revenue service.A  TTC 4400 was sent to Bombardier's Millhaven Ontario test track by flatcar in July 2013.
While the early cars have been scrapped, recent retirees have been trucked down to Buffalo NY (actually a facility in Hornell) for refurbishing for the Lagos light rail line in Nigeria. When the final H6 retires, the Bloor-Danforth and Sheppard lines will be exclusively T1's, and the Yonge-University-Spadina line exclusively Toronto Rocket. This is a good location as it provides enough open space to get a decent profile of the consist and train, even if they are running on the West (near), track.

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