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Despite the UK new car market reaching saturation and, even though they have a ravenous domestic market to satisfy, Chinese manufacturers are determined to export cars to our shores. From the few examples that I have glimpsed so far, the planned models have very few qualities to ‘delight and surprise,’ in the short term, other than their appealing low price tags. Born from a venture between the Dongfeng Motor Corporation (one of China’s three largest car producers) and Yuan Vehicle Co Ltd, the resulting collaboration has created a range of micro vans and trucks, which are imported already into this country through DFSK UK, a trading name of Vestatec Automotive Distribution (VAD) Ltd. Great Wall is one of the few Chinese car companies in private ownership and an official statement about UK imports was made to the press in 2010.
Since making its first car in 2001, (although the company started manufacturing refrigerators from 1986) Geely became China’s first independent car manufacturer. Interestingly, the importer is Coventry-based Manganese Bronze holdings plc (MBH), which had production of its distinctive London Taxi cab moved from Coventry to China last year. The MG6 GT hatchback was launched in 2011, MG’s first all new car in sixteen years, which was joined by a saloon variant, the MG6 Magnette. About Rob MarshallRob Marshall has served as GEM Motoring Assists’ technical advisor, since 2009, and has provided many hundreds of members with impartial and free one-to-one advice, in their hours of need. GEM Motoring Assist's free mobile app has been developed to give our members extra peace of mind. GEM Motoring Assist is a trading name of The Guild of Experienced Motorists which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
Chinese firm Great Wall has been specialising in building pick-up trucks for most of its car building 35-year history, so of course it makes sense that the vehicle first launching the brand in the UK market is the Great Wall Steed.
Three cable car gondolas whisk visitors from the Pulsing Base entrance to the Great Wall of China at Badaling, the nearest section of the wall to Beijing. Once the darling of investors amid ambitions of taking on foreign automakers such as Jeep with its line of SUVs, Great Wall Motors’ recent fall from grace on the back of the upscale Haval H8 may be a sign Chinese automakers are not yet ready to move from production of cheap transportation. We believe the event indicates domestic automakers haven’t met requirements to upgrade to be a high-end vehicle maker. The suspension is the latest stumbling block for Great Wall, having faced a recall with Chery of 23,000 units from Australia in 2012 when banned asbestos parts were found in some models.
Despite the setbacks, Macquarie Group analyst Janet Lewis believes Great Wall and the rest of the Chinese automakers may be able to learn from the experience as they move forward toward selling their wares to developed markets such as the United States, though they all still have a long road ahead of them, as Sanford C.
The company faces monumental challenges in trying to move up a league in the automotive world, and the problems faced by the H8 confirm Great Wall is struggling with technology. The US is lucky that the US taxpayer bailed out the UAW and some of the auto industry after years of the Detroit manufacturers supplying $hit to the US people.

This is what I have been saying for sometime, Chinese manufacturers are building to a price point, that the Chinese are happy with, but do not seem to realize, that their lack of investment and development, makes their products inferior to the foreign completion.
And fix your ridiculous vehicle names, ask any English speaker and they’d tell you this is a bad name for a vehicle. They can’t even make decent wheel bearings how the hell you expect them to make cars good enough for the West? Kyree, my experience with Chinese engineers working for a major contract manufacturer was reasonably positive.
The asbestos is being replaced with the lead they used to use in toy paint and the sulfur they used to put in drywall.
Until they have a uniform rule of law, fixing one company or one industry isn’t going to make it work out.
Interestingly, the Swindon-based VAD is led by Chairman, Jim Tyrrell, who used to be the Managing Director of the UK importer of Mitsubishi cars. Since then, very little has materialised but the distributor happens to be International Motors, which not only imports the Japanese Subaru and Isuzu brands into the UK but also has an office in Beijing. Its growth rate has been remarkable and, today, the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group owns one of Europe’s most respected car brands, Volvo. The aim is to pitch the cars at an equivalent value of a typical European supermini, with a target on-the-road price of around ?10,000. Yet, the headquarters of Geely Auto UK will be located also in the home of the British Motor Industry. Being China’s largest volume car maker, surely one would have expected the company to have a presence in the UK?
Despite having a degree of development completed in the UK and the production cars, for the British market, being assembled from complete knock-down kits (CKD) at Longbridge, the MG6 is really made in China. Most MG sales are achieved in China anyway and the SAIC is investing heavily in creating new models for its burgeoning domestic market.
He started working on cars from the age of ten years-old and has bought, repaired, traded and sold them ever since. This has been developed for you, the member, to ensure that if you break down you can tell us exactly where you are.
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Great Wall plans to be very aggressive with the Steds price and could offer the Steed for as little as £14,000.

Class-leading on urban fuel consumption and amongst the most economical runners in non-urban terrain – the Steed offers you ongoing value. With its high level of equipment and surprisingly low price tag, the Steed provides excellent value for money. In addition, 2013 exports fell 22 percent to nearly 75,000 units due to currency challenges in Japan and South Korea. Ditto for name brand tires and such, the build quality is better than your run of the mill, unknown brand stuff. The British laughed at Japanese cars forty years ago and the Koreans less than two decades after that but the jokes have faded.
Currently, dealers and distributors for the new Emgrand EM7, and future models, are being sought, with ex-Rover dealers reported as being targeted. Sadly, it seems that the British public are not convinced by the Chinese MGs, with only fifteen of them selling nationwide throughout October 2011, according to the SMMT, with a disastrous seven registrations being reported for November. A sporting small hatchback, the MG3, is planned for UK launch by the end of 2012, even though it has been reported that this model is on Chinese sale already. While he holds a variety of mechanical and bodywork repair skills and experience, having worked within the motor sales and repair businesses, he is also involved actively within the motoring media, since supplying BBC Top Gear with a car in 1997. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Add to this the fact that it has the cheapest insurance group rating for any UK pick-up** and the savings really start to make a difference. During that time we’ve developed a well-deserved reputation for high quality and superb value. Looking suspiciously similar to the previous-generation Toyota Yaris, its success is hinged on its equipment levels and how cheap it will be. Today, Rob contributes to a wide range of motoring publications, from Car Mechanics to Classic and Sports Car magazine. Looking further ahead, we should expect an SUV-crossover style vehicle within two years’ alongside a large MG7 car, which is likely to inherit the chassis that is used on the current-generation Vauxhall Insignia. Unfortunately, other than the MG6, none of the new models will be assembled in the UK but will British buyers be convinced enough to support the Chinese car that wears a British badge, or would they prefer to buy an alternative Chinese car that admits to its truer heritage?

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