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HOUSE KEEPING: Remember when you click on the pictures in "Where's Johnny Jet," they will open up in another window.
Since I was only 135 miles from Erie I planned on paying a visit to my dad and sister who both have houses there. As you can imagine, the Greyhound bus station in Pittsburgh was like a scene out of a bad movie. Greyhound has moved their old depressing Erie bus station on Peach Street to a brand new bus terminal along the lake. Thanks for jetting on JetBlue to PIT and it is great to hear you had in over all good experience. Pittsburgh's coach terminal is adjacent to the main railway station and, in common with many such facilities, buried under a multi-storey car park.
MCIs 6495 & 6131 are parked up in the combined depot and bus station at Richmond, Virginia, in August 2010.
Sister vehicle 6260 is seen in New York a few weeks later in the company of a City Sights open topper.

MCI 6080 in New York in August 2010 with a similar Port Authority 102DL3 going the opposite way.
Cyburbia connects planners, students, academics, urbanists, and others who are interested in or help shape the built environment. To rent a car was going to cost me way too much since I only needed it one-way and most car rental companies rip customers off on one-way rentals. I am one of the In-flight Crewmembers working on JetBlue panes and I wanted to thank you for recognizing us for our effort to do what is the best for the customer in today’s New Airline World.
E-190 jet is one of the greatest jets I have seen (I have been flying since 1993 for other carrier before) and I agree with you it is exceptional aircraft.
If you'd rather not have your message posted on the website or newsletter, just say so and it won't be. It's always great to spend time with him, my sister, niece, nephew and brother-in-law on the lake. However, they have so many animals at their house, it's a combination of a zoo and a funny farm.

The only person working behind the counter was one young kid who looked like he'd just gotten out of middle school. And do not forget to visit our new JFK Terminal in October - it is going to be smashing hit at this airport. Not surprisingly, the line moved painfully slowly and on top of that, there were a bunch of thugs in front of me, looking to buy a one-way ticket to L.A. It's hard as I work for myself and if I’m not there no money will come in, but we can start making some travelling time.
She has a trip planned to go to Costa Rica for 10 days to see her family and I told her I might go with her to check out the country and get my first real trip under my belt.

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