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And no, by that I do not mean that I should have trekked to the village square where business is conducted under a large tree and where goods change hands, although when I first heard of Gumtree I thought that it must have derived its name from exactly such a scenario.
The only reason I didn't buy or sell my car on Gumtree was that I simply didn't think of it as a trading site for cars. I can't quite believe that I navigated through three years of expat life in South Africa without ever conducting a Gumtree transaction, which I would have loved to report to you. So, whether you are a newly-arrived expat, perhaps still in your home country nervously surfing the Internet researching car prices, or whether you're looking to trade in your car for something else, give Gumtree Used Cars a try.
If you're at the tail end of your expat days, you'll undoubtedly need to shed a few possessions before the arrival of that moving truck, and Gumtree is a great way to put up your car and household goods for sale, while saving those costly advertising fees you'd have to pay on another website. Being sensible means to take some common-sense precautions when conducting a Gumtree transaction. On the plus side, you'll save some money, earn some extra cash, and perhaps meet some colorful characters along the way, which always makes for a good story to tell!
Eva Melusine Thieme is the author of the travel memoir Kilimanjaro Diaries and founder of Joburg Expat, an award-winning blog about her family’s adventures while living in South Africa.
Eva currently resides in Brentwood, Tennessee, with her husband and four teenagers, where she is pursuing a career as a freelance writer, author, and co-business owner.
One of the hassles most expats have to endure is having to buy a car in an entirely new country.

Let me just say upfront that I don't claim to be an expert when it comes to writing blog posts. I've since learned that the name was a brainchild of the original founders, who launched the site in 2000 and were looking for a name that might appeal to their target audiences in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa and connect them in some way. However, I've been told that Cars for Sale is Gumtree's biggest category by far, with almost 800,000 monthly ads.
Somehow that gives it a mantle of respectability that (at least in my mind) its American cousin Craigslist lacks.
However, my blogger friend 2Summers did just that, and you can read about her experience here (it went smoothly and to everyone's satisfaction). Posting a free ad is as easy as pie - you choose your location, pick the category, and enter all the details - voila, you are ready to sit back and wait for the calls that are sure to come.
From her endeavors to help baseball gain a foothold in an African township to her hair-raising encounters with lions, great white sharks, and the Johannesburg traffic police, she has fond memories about her life in Africa.
Even though Australian and South African gum trees, to my knowledge, are very different species, the name was chosen and has stuck. I learned this when I was recently approached by Gumtree to inquire about advertising on my blog. Based on this and other feedback I've received, I'm confident that I can wholeheartedly endorse Gumtree.

Or perhaps you're looking at the other end of the spectrum for that nice BMW you've always wanted to have?
And as with all other situations you might encounter, I'd say you just have to be sensible about it, as I'm sure every South African will tell you.
Since I've been wanting to write about them for quite some time, we agreed for me to write a sponsored post (which this is, just to be upfront about it). Most of everything that happens in South Africa seems to be happening in Johannesburg and surroundings (i.e.
Or go completely South African and get yourself a bakkie - once you've completed your South African language lesson about bakkies, lekker, takkies and such. Gauteng Province), which is why Gumtree is such a must-visit location for all Joburg expats.

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