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Update, August, 2012: Since 2004, Hawthorne Village has offered several Halloween-themed trains that were made to exacting On30-scale standards and warranteed for life by one of the largest model train companies in the world - Bachmann. The On30 Halloween trains were heirloom quality collectibles that almost never changed hands once they found their way into an appreciative home - so there is almost no aftermarket in these trains.
We have put up this page to help our readers "cherry pick" the remaining products and find other On30 trains that they may find useful. Thomas Kinkade Artwork Beckons You to the Fishing Trip of Your Dreams - The Hawthorne Village people don't call this an "autumn train," but the reds, blacks, and golds look right at home with any autumn display village, and the Thomas Kinkade painting it is based on definitely has autumn themes. As I update this page in September, 2014, this is the last Autumn-themed On30 train currently offered by Hawthorne VIllage. The train is fully illuminated and richly finished in rustic hues, embellished with heartwarming fishing slogans and glowing Thomas Kinkade artwork of warmly lit cabins nestled in pristine wilderness settings! This locomotive is the same as the locomotive that originally pulled all of Hawthorne Village's On30 trains, although it's painted, not for Halloween or Christmas, but for Colorado and Southern Railroad. This little locomotive is an accurate scale model of a very common late-1800s-early-1900s locomotive. Okay, this isn't technically a Halloween train either, but you can tell it would be "cute as a bunny" pulling any car on this page. Copyright (c) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 by Paul D.

Thanks a lot, and I'm sure you'll see me in this forum more frequently over the next several months! As mentioned, the people that come with the village buildings, or can be purchased as separate accessories, are way out of scale for O scale trains. Patrick, I tend to lean towards the Lemax brand for their pricing structure but the Dept 56, if you are interested in say an English look, carry a line called Dickens Village. Available only from Hawthorne Village, this Thomas Kinkade collectible electric train set is crafted with extraordinary attention to detail.
Just roll this collectible railroad accessory straight into your electric train collection, and you'll be ready for business in no time. Just bring home this set of three collectible side dump cars and you'll be ready to roll out some log-dropping action in no time.
Most of these are a short distance from the PATH train, or no longer than a 5 minute walk along the beautiful Hudson River waterfront.
The majority of people are going to look at your Christmas village and think it is neat and not be able to tell one brand from another or even care. But, if you aren't concerned with scale, the people do add a nice touch and they are easier to see than the scale, but comparatively little O scale people.
Plus, it comes with a nickel silver 16-piece track set and power pack, a $60 value, yours FREE!

The crossing guards especially on…girloboken on Hoboken Lost and Found HQSomeone found them!
These are sold by a great variety of stores and most of mine are from Ace Hardware or Michaels, or regional stores Menards and Steins Gardens and Gifts. Go ahead, relax and watch the old-fashioned steam engine chug around the track, hauling your every care far, far away! Featuring metal wheels and axles, realistic rivet detailing, and body mounted couplers, this is one railroad accessory you'll definitely want to add to your collection.
Featuring metal wheels and axles, realistic rivet and wood-grain detailing, and body mounted couplers, this is one train accessory you'll definitely want to add to your collection.
Disregard!girloboken on Hoboken Lost and Found HQLost my keys today, Monday, during the afternoon sometime. Snow Village is probably the most popular, I've heard mention that they scale better with O scale trains, and the buildings are larger than the Christmas in the City buildings.
But I have a fairly large collection of the buildings and if I am ever able to build a permanent layout, the buildings are going to be a major part of it.

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