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Much of Hamilton Heights is land-marked single-family homes in styles ranging from Beaux-Arts to Romanesque. This website is not the official website of The Corcoran Group or its affiliated companies, and neither The Corcoran Group nor its affiliated companies in any way warrant the accuracy of any information contained herein. Parts of Strivers’ Row were designed by the noted architecture firm of McKim, Mead and White, and in addition to the gardens in back many of the townhouses have lovely staircases, fireplaces, pocket doors, and moldings.

There are also plentiful condos in Hamilton Heights, many of them historical properties renovated to include floor-to-ceiling windows, chef’s kitchens, and roof decks. No wonder, then, that one of its draws is Riverbank State Park, which offers skating, basketball courts, and swimming. Even in the surrounding area, the conjunction of great subway access (the train stops at 135th and 145th streets) and beautiful row houses makes Hamilton Heights a lovely place to rent or buy a home in New York City.

Long-range plans for Hamilton Heights are to open up access to the Hudson River for walking and biking, using a master plan that includes environmental design and public art.

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