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I fail to understand why Lego wasted the money on the rights to Harry Potter and only release one set in the biggest Harry Potter year ever.
Hi i dont nderstand why they converted all lego men to flesh couler me personally dont like it but i think that this new castle is very good and there are good characters! But I think the first Castle 4709 is very recognizeable in all the movies, so thats why I like it more! I like the new Dolores Umbridge but I think the lego heads of Ron and Hermione are stupid now.

Head on over there for the video podcast, but here are the highlights for me — the minifigs! Haven’t actually built it yet, but as I suspected back in April the minifigs are great! I hope next year they make Sirius’ house and Ministry of magic with Voldie and the deatheaters!!!And the Weasly attack!!! The “Weasley Attack” could, after all, be recreated in the Great Hall (by the way, when WILL the LEGO company create the other Weasley minifigures?
Like fred and george, luna, ginny, tonks, nevil, kingsley, mad eye, you-know-who, lucious, and belatrix.

Why Star Wars is better than Harry Potter… And just because there are not enough people who buy the sets… RIDICULUS ! I also want to say that I agree totally with Mike and David’s posts, sothanks for the opinions, guys!

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