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It was announced today that the money set aside for the Florida’s rejected high speed rail line has been split up between a number of different projects around the country.
Most of the funds are directed toward making track improvements that will allow trains to run faster on existing tracks — the Washington DC to Boston and Chicago to Detroit corridors will benefit from these types of upgrades. Some transportation persons, however, think that the cash division has overlooked some very important and out of date bottlenecks that are in desperate need of assistance.
Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. While more than 400 billion dollars has been spent on public transit systems since the 1960s, ridership is at a historic low.
When people ask why the railroad business failed so many years ago, technically they didn’t….Mostly they simply prioritized freight as opposed to people.
On average, a typical resident of France rides the high-speed rail only about 400 miles per year. I'm glad to see the money go to someplace that can readily use it but don't call it high speed rail. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account. One of Amtrak's Acela trains--the fastest trains in the Western Hemisphere--is here leaving Washington Union Station on its less-than-three-hour dash to Penn Station in New York. USA: Amtrak has abandoned plans to lengthen its current fleet of 20 Acela Express trainsets to increase capacity, and instead intends to procure a new fleet of high speed trains to operate on the Northeast Corridor between Washington DC, New York and Boston.
Amtrak ridership has increase by 50% over the past decade, and in the financial year to September 30, the federally-owned inter-city passenger operator carried a record 31·2 million passengers, of which 11·4 million used the Northeast Corridor.
The corporation had planned to purchase a further 40 intermediate cars to lengthen the current six-car trains as a stop-gap measure, but testifying before the House of Representatives Transportation & Infrastructure Committee on December 13, Amtrak President Joe Boardman confirmed that this would be 'too expensive', as well as posing technical challenges. In its updated vision document for development of the Northeast Corridor Amtrak says upgrading the current line to a state of good repair and increasing capacity would allow 'limited growth' and some journey time improvements between now and 2030.

Acela Express (often called simply Acela) is Amtrak's rail service that uses high-speed tilting trains.
Two such examples are the 100 year-old Portal Bridge in New Jersey and the two overworked tunnels under the Hudson river between New York City and New Jersey — those were scrapped by NJ Governor Chris Christie last year due to his worry that it would cost Jersey taxpayers too much. They could have given the entire $2.4 billion to California, sending a signal that the administration remains serious about building a true high-speed rail network.
Some others did fail, they failed because they thought they were in the railroad business; they were not, they were in the transportation business (Just like Microsoft is in the software business.
Instead, he said the operator would issue a Request for Information in early 2013 to start the process of replacing them with a larger fleet of new trains to operate more frequent services.
Instead Transpo' secretary LaHood gave only $300 million to California high-speed rail, and instead gave the lion’s share–$800 million–to Amtrak and several eastern states for the Northeast Corridor–a corridor that wasn’t even on the original high-speed rail list until LaHood added it in March. If they don’t offer an evolving and lucrative service every few years, we’ll stop buying it and hardware makers will simply look elsewhere) And when planes and cars outperformed trains in speed and convenience respectivley, they just sunk.
The tilting design allows the train to travel at higher speeds on the sharply curved NEC without disturbing passengers, by lowering lateral centrifugal forces, based on the concept of banked turns. We have millions of people from thousands of origins traveling to thousands of destinations, and you cant just build rail tracks to all those places. Most of the rest of the money went for minor improvements in track to allow trains to run slightly faster than they run today, or for stations, locomotives, passenger cars, and similar facilities that will pretty much operate at conventional speeds.
They fly 3 times as much as they ride the rail just to get around France (that doesn’t include international travel).
Various rail projects funded by the government were more expensive than the cost of leasing each new commuter a new economy automobile in perpetuity. Carpooling in the United States barely works in these situations, why would transit work; as it is government mandated carpooling. The states are going to pay for it, then have to subsidize as much as half the operating costs to begin with, for years, and when the damn thing is worn out, the few people who still use it are gonna form a lobby to keep it going and rebuild it entirely.

In fact, some light-rail projects were so expensive it would be cheaper to lease each new commuter a luxury car.
And despite the billions they’ve already spent, they only managed to capture less than six percent of the travel market in the Northeast.
Their agencies are always on the verge of some fiscal turmoil or some scandals involving cost overruns. They have ignored maintenance issues in favor of expanding and building additional lines under the belief they’ll draw in more riders and fares to pay for it in the future.
And in California and Florida or other places it may only capture less than one percent of the travel market.
A NYC agency employee turned whistle-blower (and fired for having been found leaking information) has said ”We will never have enough money to keep the system maintained”, ”Doesn’t matter how much you give us it’ll never be enough”.
Because every time you give them more money, they just go out and build more instead of maintain what they already have. And the energy their supposed to save is marginal to the enormous amount of energy spent building new infrastructure. Even before it pays off, they forget the rails are gonna need constant maintenance and further energy spent rebuilding every 10 years or so to keep it moving so fast. Trains can’t, there built as extremely rigid models; commuting patterns change and the rail declines. Declines in rail use only adapt by raising fares and their not going to skip a station even if it has no passengers.
Your just better off as a community or town not building trains by not having to spend millions or billions of dollars and going heavily into debt when you only have to spend millions of dollar or couple of hundred-thousand dollars on buses.

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