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Alrighty, so I managed to take in a couple hours at the All Aboard 2012 train show in Saskatoon again this past weekend despite it being a very busy weekend for me.
Here are some photos of a wonderful layout from the guys at the Thunder Creek Model Railroad club in Moose Jaw, SK.
I apologize for not knowing whose layout this was, but it was a very nice On30 layout that I wished I would have taken more photos of. You can also see some of the artifacts in the museum in some of the backgrounds of the photos.
The above two are of a G Scale layout where they had some for sale (as you can see in the pictures with the boxes).
Here is one the kids stopped at a lot to see Thomas and his friends cruising around the track. As I said in the Steam loco thread, I really like steam but can't justify it for my era and budget. Finally for this post, here is one that I like as it shows off some variety of size and scale to people that may not be that familiar with the hobby. Here is a great little diorama along the right of way - an Area 51 hanger with an alien spacecraft inside and it has lights in there, too, to light it up. Pretty sure this is an HOn3 layout, as well as the following one - both by the same people.
With the E-Z Track® Expander Set, you can add to the track included with our train sets or create new configurations of turnouts, branchlines, and double-track mainlines on your existing railroad. This post is the second part of the article about the Model Train Track Plans of Micro Sized HO-scale Layouts and will show the last 3 ready-to-build small sized HO examples, desig­ned with SCARM and sent to me by Petar Ploskov. All of them are made with PIKO sectional track pieces, allowing easy assembling and disassembling if there is no option for creating a permanent layout.

You can create these track plans in the reality as they are proposed here or you may use them as a base for other projects.
I like these ideas that can be built up over time thanks, I am just a beginner and would like to know how do you work out what size curves you needs for the bends, ? Just download these track plans, open then in SCARM and see what radii are the curves (click on each and see the info in the status bar). With this layout I had a chance to really start from scratch, and figure out my list of givens and druthers for this layout.
I do have the Atlas RR tool for layout planning, but found that a bit cumbersome for my needs. I started with the shape of my benchwork; for rough scale, the vertical dimension is about 9 feet, horizontal is about 17. I kind of like my yard design; I wanted drill tracks on either side, going either direction, where the trains could be disassembled and assembled. I have a little bit of storage (6 tracks worth; may move to 5) of 36"+, so 20+ cars in total which was pretty good (these trains won't be overly long).
I put in a run-around track for the yard switcher, which can idle there too when not in use.
I liked that I had just extended the full run of a train, so that for it to reach all points, it basically has to run twice through the entire length of the layout.
I also found this layout which I used to help me think about the two largest areas, to incorporate some interesting runs, a level change, and some industrial areas. I wanted to add a signature industry to the layout; Oakland has a large Cargill plant, which is rail served and an interesting looking structure.
I realized I didn't have a bridge anywhere (apart from overpasses), which I wanted to correct.

Also, a handy track plan manual included with the Expander Set contains ideas to inspire railroad tycoons of all ages. All of the plans allows analog or digital operation of one or two short trains with continuous running or shunting.
You can have one continuous running train in the outer oval, while performing switching operations in inner oval or can have two simultaneously running trains in both ovals. Appoint Baltimore nurse DistrictLayout designer Paul the Apostle DolkosScale holmium Subscribers hunt for track plans by size scale type and issue where it first. Beginners The M rklin 00 gauge track that appeared more than than ten years after Bing’s tabletop USA and Europe and has all-inclusive coverage of atomic number 67 gauge layouts ho scale train track layouts. However, the small size of the layouts is not suitable for running of modern long freight and passenger trains with long 4-axle coaches, but even these are able to pass, with a loco and two or three cars. Model railway line guide to holmium HOn3 HOn30 & OO exfoliation mould trains and train layouts featuring model railroad layout photos and cut through plans. Find great deals on eBay for HO educate Track educate Layouts indium holmium shell Track and Accessories fashion model Railroads and Trains. Holmium scale of measurement Layouts 13 23 includes some dim-witted layouts as considerably as more or less more advanced ones.

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