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Steve Wall’s impressive N scale hayrack boom loading scene took second place in the Mini Diorama class. Lon Wall (no relation to Steve Wall, or vice-versa) built this well-detailed HO scale mini-diorama that made great use of the vertical space within the contest class 12 x 12-inch horizontal size constraints. Our model contest awards included laser-engraved first and second place plaques plus third-place certificates. Timber Times co-publisher Phil Schnell presents our first Timber Times Memorial Award to Tom Beaton for his superb mini-diorama. Lon Wall, the event co-host, does the door prize MC duties while assisted by the lovely and talented duo of Zan Berrian and Pam Berrian-Johnston.
The raffle grand prize, a fine-art Westside Shay photographic print by Glen Beier, was taken home by a pleased attendee with Lon Wall presiding. Servus SilvioWürde die Folienmethode vorziehen, denn geschnittene Streifen sind leichter gerade zu kleben.

The #148 Kadee® Magne-Matic® WHISKER® Coupler features a All Metal Coupler, Metal WHISKER® Centering Spring. For ten years we hosted our successful and popular gathering, and we’re working to make our 11th anniversary the best one yet.
Steve’s handiwork is a good example of how much you can pack into a 12-inch-square diorama space, especially in a smaller scale.
Glen is well known for his work towards assembling an incredible database of logging history photos and text material.
Pete Replinger’s table included photos and paperwork and, if you asked, some first-hand stories of life as a Simpson engineer.
The #148 Coupler may be mounted in manufactures cast-on coupler pockets or any of our HO-Scale draft gear boxes (except #233 30-series gear box). Das habe ich aber auch erst mitbekommen, als ich bereits die Hälfte der Streifen aufgeklebt hatte.

Der Grund, für das Stocken hier ist lediglich der, dass der Zug bis Jabbeke fertig werden soll.
Da ich diese wieder als UV-Decals haben wollte und es diese nun als A4 gibt, hat er mir die Grafik 4x gedruckt. Falls also irgendwann Jemand ein Pelletier-Auto bauen möchte, möge er sich bitte bei mir melden!

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