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Just wad up some old newspapers a€“ one half sheet at a time - in such a way as to make each wad have a somewhat rounded top and irregular bottom. The program allows you to design your dream layout using electronic templates of Atlas O's 21st Century Track® System, Atlas N scale and HO scale Snap-Track and Super-Flex Track, HO True-Track, switches, bridges, turntables, buildings and electrical controls. There are even templates for structures from Walther's Cornerstone Series, Railway Design Associates, DPM, Life-Like, Lionel and Atlas.

Then take plaster cloth (which is a gauze material coated with dry plaster; ita€™s usually readily available at hobby shops) and cut several 6 or 8 inch lengths so that ita€™s easy to work with. You can tilt the shape to make it look like layers of rock that have been disrupted by glaciers or b earthquakes.

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