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2 killed in amtrak crash south of philadelphia, Nearly 12 hours after an amtrak train struck a backhoe on the tracks in chester, pennsylvania, killing two people on the ground, officials for the rail agency would.
Amtrak paint schemes - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Amtrak paint schemes (or "phases", as they are referred to by amtrak) are a series of liveries applied to the outside of their rolling stock in the united states..
Amtrak train derailment near philadelphia kills 2, A locomotive on an amtrak train carrying about 330 passengers derailed when it hit a backhoe south of philadelphia on sunday, killing two people and. Hot on the heels of the upcoming ACS-64 "Cities Sprinter" locomotive, Kato announces a new Amtrak® project for 2016 – the EMD SDP40F! Like the prototype, the SDP40F is based off of the Kato SD40-2 Early Drive, making it a proven and reliable mechanical design that will be easily upgradable with a decoder for DCC operation!

Coming in both Phase I and Phase II Classic paint schemes – a perfect pairing for the Amtrak "El Capitan" Car Set!
Model 70's and 80's early Amtrak trains with your existing cars or keep an eye out for future releases of early Amtrak rolling stock!
The Union Pacific bought 10 gas-turbine-electric locomotives from General Electric between 1952 and 1953, putting them in charge of long-haul freights in the western Rocky Mountains. With this release, Kato will have covered nearly the entire lifespan of Amtrak's electric and diesel passenger locomotives.
Using Bluetooth technology, this app allows modelers to run an E-Z App locomotive using an Apple iOS device.

The authentic sounds and powerful controls add a new dimension to an already impressive model. Watch senior editor Dana Kawala, run the E-Z App RS-3 and trigger sound effects along the Model Railroader staff's train layout, the Milwaukee, Racine & Troy.

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