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These cars come in the regular CN 1961 paint scheme, and were used in trains for "The Corridor" (service between Quebec City and Windsor) between 1971 and 1978, before being painted in VIA’s paint scheme.
Due to the extremely limited number of cars available, we have very limited quantities of these cars available to our customers. We will automatically substitute different road names if the one selected by the customer is sold out. Customers who will not accept substitutions should enter "No Substitutions" in the "Notes" box during checkout. So if any of you ordered all the cars and are missing this one car now is your last chance to get it!Also the remaining inventory of the cars is getting low. Until now they were only available as souvenirs on the train.Rapido is about to deliver the Special-run Baggage cars for the Rocky Mountaineer train sets.
Up until now the passenger cars and Locomotives have only been available from the Rocky Mountaineer Company itself.
The sleek stainless steel passenger cars of Canadian Pacific's The Canadian departed Montreal's Windsor Station for the inaugural run across Canada to Vancouver.
The two-day rail journey offers an unforgettable Canadian train experience considered by many to be a trip of a lifetime. Included in each numbered box is a coupon redeemable for one FREE unpowered F9B locomotive.
Recapturing the romance of rail travel, the Rocky Mountaineer follows the historic route constructed over 100 years ago through Canada's West and the Canadian Rockies, uniting the country.
The Canadian features all-new, super-detailed tooling from headlights to marker lamps.As you recall we were over a year late delivering the TurboTrain, so I'm not taking any chances - delivery of The Canadian is in early 2010, over a year away.
The entire train ride takes place during daylight hours to ensure you enjoy every minute of the breathtaking scenery of glacier-fed lakes, majestic mountains ranges and ferocious rivers.
I decided to announce it now to coincide with Model Railroader magazine's 75th anniversary issue.The production run will be strictly limited to 2000 trains or less, divided into six consists. You have the choice of enjoying a trip on the Whistler Mountaineer independently or in conjunction with several different vacation packages.
We've kept this as low as we can, but everyone knows how much model railroad product costs have been going up lately. To give you an idea, it cost us the same amount to tool the Osgood-Bradley 10-Window Coach as it did to tool both our Lightweight Coach and our Duplex Sleeper! I was happy with these compromises then, but with today's technology and the proper investment it's possible to get things 100% right.Canadian Pacific Budd Passenger CarsPhoto courtesy Brian Schuff Collection. These cars will feature the same insane level of detail as our Super Continental Line passenger cars.

We are currently looking at different plating methods to get the perfect stainless steel finish. This is a very subjective thing, so I hope that you like our final take on it.In answer to the question on many people's minds, we won't be doing the U-series heavyweight tourist sleepers at this time. In the meantime, it might be worth contacting The BGR Group to see if they would be interested in producing a resin model of this car. Click here to visit The BGR Group.For those wishing to expand their train, Norwest Kits and Castings offers CPR lightweight coaches and baggage cars which were often used on The Canadian. Click here to visit Norwest Kits and Castings.Even though we are announcing The Canadian, our Super Continental Line is alive and well.
Expect more announcements in that line next year.FREE Canadian Pacific F9B LocomotivePhoto Courtesy Brian Schuff. We are not finished designing the passenger car underbodies as we're waiting for some underbody piping diagrams from Bombardier.
If you have blueprints of The Canadian in your possession it may speed things along - please give me a shout if you can help.You won't find this at IKEA.
Foamer Contest Still On!We're still on the lookout for photographic evidence that you are completely nuts about trains.
Three lucky winners will be selected from all the entries and will receive free Rapido stuff.The photo above shows my bedroom back in the days when I was a bachelor living with Mum and Dad. It made an unexpected trip to the basement floor about eight years ago and now rests in the model railroad roundhouse in the sky.You can read more about the contest by clicking here. As mentioned in Volume 11 of the Rapido Telegraph (which you can read here), the order deadline for our new batch of passenger cars is next weekend.Full details about these new car numbers and paint schemes are available on our web site. If your local dealer doesn't stock our products, he or she can order them from all the major distributors. If you know you want a certain paint scheme or car number, it is always recommended to order in advance to ensure that you don't miss out. You have received this email because you signed up for the newsletter on our web page or you have inquired about our products or because we know you and we think you will want to read it.
TurboTrain is a registered trademark of Rapido Trains Inc.The CanadianThe Canadian is a Canadian transcontinental passenger train originally operated by the Canadian Pacific Railway. It is currently operated by VIA Rail Canada (as the Canadian) with service between Union Station in Toronto, Ontario and Pacific Central Station in Vancouver, British Columbia.
While these cars were serviceable, American trains of the early 1950s, such as the California Zephyr, had already adopted streamlined all-stainless steel consists featuring domed observation cars.
In 1953 CPR placed an order for 155 stainless steel cars with the Budd Company of Philadelphia that included 18 rear-end dome cars (Park series), 18 Skyline mid-train dome cars, 30 coaches, 18 dining cars and 71 sleeping cars (Manor and Chateau series).

A subsequent order for 18 baggage-crew dormitory cars brought the final to total to 173 cars, sufficient for establishing an entirely new transcontinental service and partially re-equippiping The Dominion. The interior design of these new cars was contracted to the Philadelphia architectural firm Harbeson, Hough, Livingston & Larson (a company known for its industrial designs on other prominent passenger trains such as the Pioneer Zephyr), and the resulting furnishings and pastel-shaded colour schemes were widely acclaimed.
After deciding to name the Park series dome cars after famous Canadian parks, leading Canadian artists, including members of the Group of Seven, were commissioned to paint suitable murals for these cars.
When the decision was made to add budget sleeping cars, the Budd order was supplemented by 22 existing heavyweight sleepers that CPR refurbished in its own Angus Shops, each fitted out with Budd-style stainless steel cladding.
To complement the new rolling stock, the CPR ordered General Motors Diesel FP9 locomotives to supplement an existing fleet of FP7s. Although these F-units remained the preferred power for the train, it was occasionally pulled by a variety of motive power, including Montreal Locomotive Works FPA-2s, and, as late as 1959, Steam locomotives.CPR christened their new flagship train The Canadian and service began on April 24, 1955. The section operating between Montreal and Vancouver (also serving Ottawa) was known as train 1 westbound and train 2 eastbound, with a connecting section to or from Toronto splitting or joining at Sudbury (this section was known as train 11 westbound, and train 12 eastbound). Matching its streamlined appearance, The Canadian's 71 hour westbound schedule was 16 hours faster than that of The Dominion.Although initially successful, passenger train ridership began to decline in Canada during the 1960s.
Facing competition from airlines and increased automobile usage following construction of the Trans-Canada Highway, the CPR cancelled The Dominion in 1966, and petitioned the government to discontinue The Canadian in 1970. Although this petition was denied, CPR during the 1970s attempted to remove itself from the passenger service market. The Canadian was operated at reduced levels, with the government subsidizing 80 percent of its losses.VIA RailThe federal Crown corporation VIA Rail Canada formally assumed responsibility for CPR's passenger services on October 29, 1978, although the VIA identity wasn't assumed by the trains themselves until the following summer.
Following the takeover by VIA, the Canadian became the company's premier transcontinental train, and initially operated over its old CPR route. It was supplemented by the former CN Super Continental, which operated over the parallel, but more northerly, CN route. The Canadian continued to be operated in two sections east of Sudbury and provided daily service west to Vancouver and east to Toronto and Montreal.In the aftermath of the deep budget cuts made to VIA Rail on January 15, 1990, the Super Continental service was abolished and the Canadian was moved from the CPR route to the Super Continental's CN route.
This maintained transcontinental service and allowed VIA to operate its government-mandated service to small communities along the line. The CN route is widely acknowledged to be less scenic, particularly in the sections through the Rocky Mountains and north of Lake Superior. Today, VIA Rail continues to operate the Canadian using the CN route with rebuilt ex-CPR Budd passenger equipment.While some rail travel and heritage purists no longer consider this to be the true Canadian, VIA retains the name, train numbers, and equipment of the original.

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