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I think the layout pictured belongs to (or belonged to, I heard it was for sale a while ago) the Midwest Valley Modelers, a modular group from the St. The club's layout has appeared several times in the model railroading press (including the Nov 1995 issue of MR and Great Model Railroads 2001).
When I look at the picture, I see a photo backdrop, and at least some of the buildings in the background look as though they could be 2D as well, albeit very nicely done-- or at the least, well-controlled in the camera angle! Interspersing some low-relief models with actual 2D flats, probably mounted on foam-core or something, and then an actual photo backdrop. I'm going to write to him and see if he can tell me anything more about the construction of the scene.

I'm also of the opinion that it might be possible to recreate the feel of it-- at least to some degree-- with just a photo backdrop alone.
I think part of the challenge to doing it convincingly is managing the resultant shadows, which could easily make or break the scene.
Their modules are 28 inches deep, but in this photo, they may have posed one city module in front of a second city module (as opposed to them being next to each other in a row as in normal operating conditions) to enhance the illusion of depth for the photo session. I did a little mock-up the other night and I think it could be done reasonably in around 12-15 inches-- and I'm assuming a row of buildings in front-- which would be about the same amount of space as the parking lot in the original photo I posted. On the lower deck, which is in the 38-40 inch range, probably a tad bit higher when the elevation behind the yard is considered-- don't know exactly how high, a few more inches-- its harder to do it as convincingly.

But I still think that 12-15 inches could do it, perhaps even as little as 9-12 inches if I cheat with the depths a little more aggressively.

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