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After building the HO train, I was left with one micro motor (I bought two to build a micro robot), so I decided to build a micro truck. The pictures below show it at an unfinished stage: the top of the crane body has yet to be added and some details are still missing as well. As you can see from the pictures below, I've altered this setup by turning the motor unit into a locomotive and built a special, depressed center car to carry the crane. TLG said:Wow, that anno 1958 yellow printed beam is pretty neat, haven't seen that one before!
I was trying to take a photo of my HO scale collection, but the light failed on me and the only photo the turned out was the one of the police, cyclists and motorcyclists. No dont think so, fee and freight this site makes it no fun.Sry about post, I just thought it was a really funny coincidence.
No reason to be sorry or less alert, all is good:) I wasn't bothered by you, and my reply was supposed to be playful.

My new version of my LEGO collectors guide is going to have images of LEGO parts unimaginable just a few years ago. One interesting variation on the 1:87 cars is that some of these were produced with clear bottoms.
That first box in the earlier image has the same design as this 1955-57 Danish box for the 1:43 Esso Truck.
Again, I had to compromise when it came to select wheels: only double flanges were available, so both engine and car weren't able to go through turnouts and crossings.
I found that a half size spacer can be used as a ream for some of the smalest tires used by Legoland cars. The battery is used as a counter weight, so the crane is pretty powerful: it can lift any monorail track section, including a switch. Also, in that old promotional picture with the trains, is the main part of the station (building) on the left transparent bricks, if so that would be crazy!

This belt is very fast (connected directly to a geared motor which can rotate up to 450RpM): it needs to clear the hopper quickly to keep up with the dump.
The winch is way too slow, so I'm looking into ways to reduce the gear ratio (I'll probably swap the 24-tooth gear for an 8-tooth one).
On each side of it were a car with one truck at each end and a special ball and socket joint to the motor unit. Since Lego couplers are magnets, the car on the dump can be rotated while the rest of the train stays put and coupled.

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