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We will often give a throttle to our guest, especially young engineers, to run one of our trains themselves.
Both our HO & N layouts are Digitrax® DCC and provide all the features for your DCC equipped locomotives.
This year we are teaming up with the Atlantic Coast S-Gaugers for a special super super show! Their layout has lots of accessories that children (any age) can operate by the press of the buttons! With less than half a month left, I'm opening a new Photo Gallery with the theme "Mines & Quarries".

Abandoned mine in the background on an N scale layout I built when I could those tiny trains! While visiting the North Shore Model Railroad Club in 2009, this was a picture of there Mine. The mine tubs were hauled out of the mine at double quick time and were only saved from being dragged into oblivion when the cable snapped . This is the International Harvester TD-25 crawler with blade and ripper bar from the early 50's in HO. On the one hand they sometimes destroy caves, but on the other they occasionally reveal caves which were previously unknown.

A diecast piece from First Gear that has some weathering done.This is the Bucyrus Erie B-2 steam crawler in a shovel on a period lowboy.

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