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These fully assembled HO Scale cars feature scale dimensions and rivet details, factory-installed side door handrails, full detailed interiors, complete end, underbody and roof detail, scale set-back windows, working diaphragms, car name and number decals, correct trucks with RP-25 metal wheels for each car, factory-installed electrical pickups, removable roof with air conditioning ducts, working McHenry knuckle couplers and swinging drawbars to improve curve performance. O scale details and accessories1:53 proportion Freightliner Cascadia tractor with 53-foot Dry Van trailer. Santa Fe - Baggage Railway Express Agency - (Painted) - Standard - Ready To Run Factory-Installed Grab Irons, LED Lighting, Preiser Figures, Turned Metal Wheelsets, Proto Max Metal Knuckle Couplers Please note: This car is painted gray to match prototype practice.
Tangent Scale Models is proud to introduce our newest all-new HO scale product to our line, the Pullman-Standard PS-3 coal hopper!
During the 1950s, Pullman-Standard began to develop a "standardized" line of freight car product types that were marketed in "families". The Tangent Scale Models PS-3 is a state of the art, dimensionally-accurate scale replica with highly accurate "true-to-life" colors and precise lettering stencils that match the intricacies of the prototype. Utah Railway (UTAH) is available in the "Original Black" scheme with a black carbody, and large "Utah Railway" lettering spelled out across the car. Note RPO and Baggage car are pullman green as NKP never painted those groups of cars in the Blue & Silver, per NKP Historical Society. In 1960, special coaches with a small engineer's compartment at one end were built by Pullman-Standard. Modeling suburban service will be fast and easy with these new replicas of both coach and cab cars.
Be sure to check our Web-site for period motive power to pull your trains, including Walthers Trainline(R) F40PH in METRA (#931-303), Virginia Rail Express (#931-328) and various Amtrak schemes. Canadian National Pullman-Standard Streamlined 10-6 Sleepers Ran Across the Continent When lightweight cars came to the Pullman fleet in the early 1940s, their smooth sides lent themselves to classy, colorful paint schemes. Tangent Scale Models and Moloco have worked together to bring this highly-accurate product to the HO scale market, and it is available today for purchase from Tangent. Starting with the PS-1 boxcars and PS-2 covered hoppers, the PS-3 was rolled out with several offerings, the most prolific being this 70-ton, 3-outlet coal hopper with a cubic capacity of 2750 cubic feet. Our PS-3 coal hopper was designed from genuine PS spec documents, and includes body variations with or without end heap shields, three different styles of door mechanisms, and several handbrake variations so that your car properly matches the variations found on the prototype. These cars were commonly found throughout the west in odd-lot coal services, seeing service in such far away places as Puget Sound branchlines in Washington State.
Faced with replacing its aging fleet of equipment, the Chicago & North Western turned to St. This allowed trains to operate in push-pull fashion, eliminating time consuming and costly switching of the engine at the end of each trip.
The Rock Island later used the design and as the suburban service was transferred from private to public operation, the cars were repainted for the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA). Models come fully assembled and ready for service with all the details found on the prototypes, including full interiors, flush-fitting tinted windows, removable roof with separate details, working diaphragms and more.

Corrugated stainless-steel sides, later added to match the look (and acknowledge the competition) of Budd's stainless-steel designs, created a variety of cars that ran on premier passenger trains. These stunning cars feature the bright vermillion red carbody, complete with large "Great Northern" stenciling applied across the car side, and the Rocky logo in the left side corner. Die-cast metal construction with plastic details, detailed cab interior, steerable front wheels, and opening doors and hood.
The WalthersProto(R) San Francisco Chief Unveiled in 1954, Santa Fe's newest streamliner drew legions of fans from the start! First purchased in 1957, Pullman-Standard not only had an effective marketing message with the "PS" series, but developed simultaneous production capability at both its Bessemer AL and Butler PA manufacturing plants, providing customers with a rapid response for coal hoppers that were produced at a rate of more than 13 cars per weekday during peak supply.
Our fine models are available in twelve road numbers, plus unnumbered models with decals available separately from Tangent to easily create a fleet of customized hoppers. Today, many are still in operation as part of the METRA fleet (While the remaining cars are slated for retirement by 2005, at least four, including the first coach and cab car, have been preserved at railroad museums.), and some are used by Amtrak and the Virginia Railway Express. Walthers Pullman-Standard cars feature as many as four body styles; smooth or fluted sides, with or without skirting as appropriate for each roadname. Five-pole skew-wound motor with dual flywheels, etched-metal and wire details, prototype-specific details, and magnetic knuckle couplers.
With a unique blend of equipment and fast schedules between the San Francisco bay area and Chicago this unique transcontinental is back -- as Walthers latest HO Scale name train! Such rapid-production was made possible by new welding techniques that arose from the World War II period, although this was a relatively new innovation for open hoppers at the time. Our ready-to-operate replica is finished with coupler lift bars accompanying Kadee scale couplers, CNC-machined wheels, and sufficient hidden weights to ensure the model operates as good as it looks, whether running as an empty or as a load (removable coal load included).
Authentic trucks with RP-25 metal wheels and knuckle couplers (optional horn-hooks are also provided) are standard equipment, as are swinging coupler pockets for better performance on layout curves.
Tangent Scale Models continues to bring unparalleled scale replicas to the HO scale market with every new product, and we thank you for spending your hard-earned dollars with our family-owned company.
Inspired by similar cars on the Burlington, the all-new bilevel cars provided seating on two levels and could carry up to 169 riders. Each car also has factory-installed electrical pickups for use with the Bilevel Car Lighting Kit (#933-1058, sold separately) that provides uniform illumination throughout the car and installs in minutes with no special tools. Other features include flush-fitting windows, full interiors, working diaphragms, magnetic knuckle couplers and car number and name decals.
The car bodies have molded-in drill starter points that make installing the supplied wire grab irons easier. Roller bearing trucks, coil springs and cushioned draft gear made the ride quieter and smoother. All cars, unless noted, have built-in provisions for the Walthers Passenger Car Interior Lighting Kits: DC Version 933-1049 and DCC Version 933-1084 (both sold separately).

Electrical power for lights, heat and air conditioning was supplied by a generator refitted to diesels assigned to commuter service (one of the first applications of head-end power).
As these cars are the correct prototype length and feature full underbody detail to match the prototypes, a minimum 24" radius is recommended for operation. And in 1958, the CNW ordered almost identical bilevel cars from Pullman-Standard to re-equip its Chicago to Green Bay, Wisconsin, trains. Five-pole skew-wound motor with flywheels, working ditch lights, and magnetic knuckle couplers. Athearn TrainsBachmann HO scale General Electric 44-ton switcher diesel locomotiveGeneral Electric 44-ton switcher diesel locomotive.
Also available unlettered and painted yellow with black stripes (pictured), black, or green.
Can motor with all-wheel drive, dual-mode Digital Command Control decoder, and E-Z Mate Mark II magnetic knuckle couplers. BachmannHO scale freight carsPullman-Standard PS-2 2,600-cubic-foot-capacity covered hopper. Louis Southwestern patch), SP (with or without Union Pacific herald), and SSW (Cotton Belt). Detailed underbody including full cushion underframe, separately applied wire grab irons and etched-metal end platforms, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.
Factory-installed wire grab irons, metal wheelsets, and McHenry scale magnetic knuckle couplers.
RoundhouseWalthers HO scale Pullman-Standard 72-foot baggage carPullman-Standard 72-foot baggage car. Sprung diaphragms, electrical pickups for interior lighting kit (sold separately), and Proto Max magnetic knuckle couplers. Full Steam AheadSummit USA HO scale O'Reilly Auto Parts store kitO'Reilly Auto Parts store kit. Styrene kit includes laser-cut and injection-molded walls, signs, and clear acrylic window glazing. Summit USAHO scale details and accessoriesPhoto-etched brass sides for Milwaukee Road passenger cars.

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