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If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. Message: It has been over three years since we have devoted a Gallery Theme to non-rail vehicles. Message: Here's a tracked Ford that I kitbashed a few years ago, parked in front of our house. Message: There was a reference in another recent thread re my HO scale Jordan fire trucks that I had posted in the past. Message: Cowboy Gerry isn't on his horse today, he's taking produce from the family farm in his Alloy Forms Ford pickup.
Message: I have nothing noteworthy to post, everyone, but I hope you understand that I greatly appreciate being able to enjoy all of your wonderful images. Message: I used a Classic Metal Works, Mini Metals International Harvester, R-190 Truck, and made a body with stripwood and twigs from a Noble Fir Christmas tree for the pulpwood load. Message: I haven't done any vehicles for a while (I already have way more than I need!), so here's one from a while ago. Message: A super cheap 1940 Ford coupe from an outfit called Herka (also available from IHC) with a flathead V8 from JordanAnd another 40 Ford in a sedan now an old used fire chief's car from Jordan. Message: Here's an antique truck kitbashed from a model power Hearse (It came with a funeral home kit) and an abandoned Model T touring. Message: I started with a CMW White WC22 delivery truck #30189 and placed a Preiser sitting figure and Woodland Scenics dog into the cab.
Message: Like many of my vehicle photos, I think I've posted this photo or a different one previously.
Message: Here I took six Life-Like tractors and detailed them to look like 1950’s International Harvester Farmall type “M” tractors with just some paint and a few details added to them. Message: A Plymouth pick up die cast model that I modified into a flatbed with some Tom Yorke pieces.

Message: Here I took a Ricko 1932 Ford Roadster, and put in the figures from the Woodland Scenics Cop’n a kiss auto scene vehicle. Message: Love that diorama, Lance, although getting lost down there during the Road Trip wasn't much fun. Message: For this traffic stop scene, I took a police figure from the Woodland Scenics Cop n’ a Kiss vehicle scene, and mated it up with a 50’s police car from Classic Metal Works that I put a flashing 3mm LED into.
Message: Woodland Scenics truck with cab roof removed, Rube's Rhubard getting a stalk from Freddie's Rhubacres Farm. Message: Here's a shot further out from a previous one that showed a tractor having an engine change.
Message: A scene from the new layout, using vehicles from Atlas, CMW, Reel Rides,Mattel,Matchbox and Ecco. Message: For this automobile box car loading scene I started with a Bowser X-33 End Door Box Car and cut open the rear double doors and opened them, also cutting open the side door.
Message: Rick, that picture from Bill Rose - don't think I've seen anything from him before. Used a Jordan Ford body of some kind, scribed styrene and bits and pieces from here and there. A Ford Model AA wrecker (Jordan with scratch built tow unit) Mack FK (kit bash) heavy haul chain drive pulling a lowboy (Rio Grande) with Bucyrus Erie B2 shovel load (Vintage Vehicles).
The truck is all resin castings Where all Vehicles go eventually, A Buick roadmaster, late 40's ford and a 30's plymouth in the back.
The trailer is what is called a beam lowboy (notice the load sits on a single beam down the middle) from Sheepscot Scale. It was in fact what I saw you doing with the Jordan pieces that sparked an interest in modeling the earlier vehicles. You don't remember what toy dozers those were you used do you?Louis, those look an awful lot like the Tyco tractors (not bulldozers) that were flat car loads many years ago.

I have the kit but got hung up on one of the assembly steps a long time ago, set it aside and never got back to it.
The auto is a 1959 Porsche 356B from another Wall-Mart .97 cents find made by Malibu International LTD. After placing a wooden floor down and other details, I loaded the box car with Classic Metal Works 1959 Ford Fairlanes.
And took a Woodland Scenics car and cut it at the windshield, glueing them both to the wall.The truck has working headlights and the car flashing tail lights. Then, detailed a Life-Like 1950’s International Harvester Tractor for the wooden scratchbuilt flatbed. And you're right too, Bob has some of the most unique and nicely built vehicles.Here's the Jordan Model A Woody. I've copied your photo as a reference, hope it will help me finish mine!Today's effort shows not everything I do is old and decrepid (like me!). My bound volumes of MR go back to 1940 and I've never seen anything like it advertised by Walthers or anybody else. All are HO scale (as is everything I do)Here's another Mack, the old AC Bulldog in a dump configuration. It looks more like a period Tootsietoy.The car reminds me very much of Flash Gordon's 1936 ship-- Note, especially the shape of the door, the streamlined fender, and the use of airplane-like portholes.

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