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Both the road and sidewalks are painted styrene and reflects the crossing before the 2010 road widening on Douglas. Since the street grid intersects the backdrop at an angle I'm not sure that photo backdrops will be effective.
However my concern is that since the road intersects at an angle that I would never get the perspective correct. One thing I notice about prototype grade crossings is that the roads are flat and level both sides on highways.
The first person who commented, Kevin sent me a picture of street scene I used on my layout. Prototype image of the style of wayside crossing equipment cabinet we're including, featuring a real working light, as part of every crossing signal system! Every one of our automated crossing systems was already planned to include the accompanying wayside cabinet detail part (metal), but now we can announce that this is the style (pictured above) of our cabinet, and, the railroad's "Power Working at Crossing Indicator Lamp" actually works on our detail part, as here at Amazing Railroad Signals, we specialize in illumination effects!
Prototype image of the style of wooden utility pole with working mercury-vapor style vicinity security light that we're including as part of every railroad crossing signal system! For maximum realism, and because we specialize in illumination effects, all of our automated crossing systems are now announced to include an accompanying wayside "wooden, creosote" utility pole with a mercury-vapor (pale bluish-looking) crossing security light, just like the style pictured above!
The Amazing Railroad SignalsTM HO-Scale Railroad Crossing Signal Systems are ultra-realistic-looking (and sounding) sets of various configurations of crossing signal systems which come in gated and non-gated versions.
Regardless of your method of signal annunciation, our crossing signal systems DO AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDE the circuitry that controls the behavior of our lights and gates (if you want gates), faithfully reproduced, and sure to thrill or impress any observers.
This is best I Have seen, it really looks better if you get a chance to operate this fantastic layout.

The crossing gate has been removed from the original factory bag does not appear to has ever been used. The effect is achieved with a special high-tech LED, which is tungsten color like a traditional light bulb. The illumination effect is achieved with a special high-tech LED, which is extremely accurate in color, looking just like the real mercury-vapor bulbs and familiar fixtures you've no doubt grown up seeing on wooden poles. Ultra-reliable, easy to install (no annoying resistors or engineering required), and complete with a variety of detail parts so that the scene being depicted has everything to make it as realistic as possible, our Crossing Signal Systems are the best you've ever seen. If you use your own detection system, it can be as simple as a switch you choose to operate manually, or your existing detection array from a brand such as LogicRail Technologies.
As you may have noticed, as fellow HO hobbyists, and being former real-life searchlight signal engineers, we also believe in provide everything needed to make it happen, and make it real! At that point, the gates rise silently as the lights continue to flash (lights cease once gates are up all the way).
Note: the physical bell detail part on our mast(s) may be removed from either or both masts, revealing a flat rodent cover.
These are not already included because most locations don't really use them, even though are often depicted on the plastic, toy-like brands of crossing signals. No annoying resistors, no polarity engineering or any kind of engineering beyond selecting locations and easily wiring-up the units per the provided instructions. Instead, our gates are actually counterbalanced and use electronically-triggered physics effects to raise and lower your gates.
Similarly, configurations are also available that include extra sets of lights on the masts, which are for turning sideways to facilitate automobile approaches from the side (besides from the front) a€” all are angle-adjustable.

The Walthers cantilevered signals also need a bit of work to make them more realistic, mostly in the form of paint. Up next is adding scenery and blending the road into the ground, as well as some general weathering.
An under-the-layout (or wherever you locate the circuitry) DIP switch (a series of little switches on our included signal behavior circuit board) allows you several pedestrian bell behavior options so that you can instantly taylor your new signals to behave like signals you are most familiar with in real life, as railroads sometimes prescribe different methods and practices to their bells. As as result, the gates even bounce gently upon reaching their horizontal positions, just like the real thing! Info is included as to how far markings and masts are supposed to be located from the rails. See a Digital Command Control (DCC) sound equipped locomotive lead a train and trigger the signal in this video. You can change whatever settings you choose at any time, whenever you desire, by simply flipping the tiny settings switches.
Some simple soldering may be best, especially if you run the wires a long distance to switches or circuits, in order to assure stable connections; or you might use terminal blocks (not included, except on circuit board).

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