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Hello all There is a new website for collect together model train track plans and layouts in all scales and sizes, build with SCARM layout design software. The track plans and layouts in the database are growing - now there are more than 40 projects of all scales and sizes. Hello again Many new interesting projects in different scales were added to SCARM Railway Layouts & Track Plans site in the past months. Justinmiller171 wrote:Then it hit me, What I really need is a small, focused, and fun layout. Okay it seems building a layout with continuous run was a bad idea, I've been looking all of the ideas here and I still like the Milwaukee road Ber Line layout the best.
I've been thinking that since this layout is going to be more important than my Miami layout, Should I take the track from the Miami Layout and use it to build the layout in my room?I came up with a layout with a coal mining theme using the track from my Miami Layout:I think is is a more focused design, and since it uses wider radius track and turnouts I should be able to use it with my Dream layout when I am older.
Life should not be a journey to the grave with intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke thoroughly used up totally worn out and loudly proclaiming WOW!

You already have developed an excellent plan for a layout (your Miami, FL plan) and for now, I'd concentrate on working on that, add buildings and scenery and get it operation.
Some of the layouts are already presented in SCARM blog, but there are new projects and more will come soon.
I may change the layout to be set in the 1940's in Los Angeles on the Southern Pacific, But either way I really like the layout. At the moment, I am editing and uploading all stuff, but in the near future I plan to add support for user registrations, so everybody to be able to create an account and to upload projects in the site.You can browse the projects in the site or search and filter the track plans by several criteria, such as scale, size, trackage and so on. Having actually worked on some mine run jobs, I can tell you that it's much more enjoyable to work at a town or on a local freight where there is a variety of industries to be switched. In example, the following link will show the railroad layouts and plans in 00 scale, listed in the site (actually it is only one plan for now). Just pulling loads and placing empties at a mine or load out can get old very fast!Modeling something like your Miami layout, you wear many hats - customer - freight agent making up switch lists for your crew - train crew performing the required duties.

Every project has its own page, where it is presented with more pictures, described with many parameters (such as minimum radius, maximum grade, suitable traffic, etc.) and sometimes explained by me or by its author.
All (or almost all) published layouts will have corresponding SCARM files ready to be downloaded from the links at bottom in the layout’s page. There is also an option for each project to be rated with rating stars from 1 to 5 – this is located below the description.The site is optimized for smartphones and tables, so you can browse it almost anywhere and anytime. Some pictures may not look very detailed on the phone screens, but in overall you can get a good impression even from 320?480 sized cell phone displays.At the moment, there is no option for commenting below the layouts, but such feature may appear in the future.
The site is now in beta state and needs to be used for some period in real environment to see how it performs, is it easy and useful, etc.

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