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These exquisite handcrafted brass pilot models of Southern Pacific 2-10-2 steam engines provides a preview of a project under development by Glacier Park Models.
The locomotives will have Vanderbilt-type tenders (upper photo) except engine 3748 (lower photo) which leads a huge class l4245 R-1 tender that came to SP from the C&O during WWII. Bachmann is ranked #1 in ho scale model train steam locomotives, followed by Model Power, Broadway Limited Imports, Mantua by Model Power, and 6 other manufacturers.

Based upon the authenticity of the pilot model, the production versions are expected to be about as close to perfection as a model can be. We prefer PayPal and Google Checkout as a payment method because it is fast, safe and you will receive your item much sooner, we will not hesitate to accept money orders or cashiers checks as long as our customers are aware that items are not shipped out until payments are received and cleared thru the bank they are from (usually takes 7-14 business days to clear from one bank to another).
They will be offered in five incarnations including two F-1 class, one F-3 class and two F-5 class engines.

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