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This Marklin HO scale layout is beautifully decorated using so many great features like buildings, vehicles running on road, great railroads, etc. There are different kind of model railroad layouts and you must be wondering what are the advantages of HO model train layout? Ultimately, the type of layout you choose will determine the end result of your model railroad display. The reason behind the name of this model train layout is that it has all the features which are essential for a great realistic model train layout.
Glad you made it over here Steve, you have the most busiest layout I've ever seen, just like philly. This modern HO scale layout is made from the ideas of fellow modeler and friend Pelle Soeborg – having a simple track plan and making a landscape with a railroad going through to make it look as realistic as possible. Waycross has a small yard, three small industries and an active diamond with one connector – Waycross Jct. UP freight with CSX C40-8W on the point rolling through the small town of Gladewater, past the ADM Elevator over Waycross Jct. UP stack train with DPU rolling trough Gladewater, ADM Elevator, Waycross Jct, the city of Waycross, Coleman Transloading Facility and at last passes through the other leg of Waycross Jct. The 2 C44-9W on the point are Kato and the pusher is an ES44AC from Intermountain, all with Tsunami sound decoders. The lead engines is a Kato C44-9W and the 2 trailing are Tower 55 ES44DC, all with Tsunami sound decoders. NS autorack train lead by C40-8W and C40-8, both Atlas with Tsunami sound decoders, meets the BNSF trailer train mentioned above. Before the stack train leaves, an empty BNSF caol train pulls up to the signal powered by 2 BNSF SD70ACe's on the point and 2 BNSF SD70MAC's pushing.
UP domestic stack train through Clifton, along the long Texas highway and through Waycross. The video is filmed with a GoPro Hero4 Session camera mounted on a flatcar in correct cab window height. I made "the long lonesome Texas highway" with the tracks following the road based on a scene outside Moody, TX. From the east end of Coleman siding the lines continues past a residential neighborhood into Livingston, TX. About 20% of the layout remains to be sceniced, the wooded rural area coming up to La Grange and the town itself.

I just love those old 70's cars - I found these 3 beauties on a German model car site, they are made by a dutch company. The designer has tried his best to work closely on each part of the layout and it’s result is clearly visible. There are so many tricks using which you can develop a great model train layout and one of the technique is to select the locomotives which are very attractive and designed properly.
The theme is based on city life and hence so many buildings, vehicles and roads are used in this layout.
As the theme of this model train is natural scenery, a lot of natural looking stuff is added to this layout. In this video, Gerry takes you on a tour of the recently completed town of Westcott on his HO scale Bona Vista RR. Color of the model train locomotives plays a vital role, usually yellow or red colors are the best choice. HO scale layouts are very easy to maintain due to the fact that we can move any part of this layout without any issues. This layout comes under natural scenery model train as desert scenery is also a part of natural scenery model train layout.
Most of the material used in model train train layout can easily be purchased from hardware store.
The court house is also a replica of the actual one, as are the surrounding buildings and the First State Bank.
The Freeport Sub branchline runs through La Grange, TX which has several blocks of street running.
The layout is built using all the necessary items and this increases the beauty of this amazing layout. Everything is placed in the perfect place and this is why it is a great realistic model train scenery. Trees, mountains, tunnels, rivers and bridges are the major parts of a realistic model train layout.
If you are a beginner in this field, then you can consult experienced model train builders and even you can google about it, you can get sufficient information about raw material. The main city of Waycross is fictional based on a mix between Hearne, TX and Pittsburg, TX.
Accessories gives life to the layout and you can easily built these accessories or else you can visit your local hardware store and search for the accessories and raw materials as per your requirements.

So whenever you plan to develop a natural scenery layout, just look around and add as many natural features as you can.
So many features like desert trees, desert animals can be added to the layout to give it a great realistic look.
If you are new, then you must first start with the small model train layouts and as soon as you achieve the perfection, you can try building larger model train layouts. Leaving Waycross the line continues through the small town of Clifton and Coleman Transloading Facility which also has a passing siding, continues through the town of Livingston, across the Trinity River Bridge to Smithville Jct. MKT) which splits off the main is a branch line going through LaGrange with street running as the prototype. The layout has been in the works since 1986 and it has moved three times and grown to three times its starting size.
This is mainly a passenger railroad but there are some small freight operations that can happen. There are also two flying junctions on the layout at ZOO and Arsenal I just finished rebuilding the main catenary system with brass poles featuring the style of catenary you would find in the Philadelphia area. Nellie yard is the MU layover yard which has a 5mph loop track which sends trains back to Broad street station. 3 of the 4 tracks at Broad st station have access to this yard, with the 4th being a stub station track. The massive head house from Broad st station is in the works A new Penn Coach yard is planned below the highline with storage of 3 trains. The two stations, center city, city hall, Mt airy, West Philadelphia and North Philadelphia are served by the trolley system with a Maintence and storage yard in West Philadelphia. There are amost 80 buildings in the city (12 of which have 8 or more floors)with the tallest having 24 floors.
There are working traffic Lights in the most of the city with still more to be installed and about 200 vehicles.

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