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A distinctive feature of the trolley layout is the scratch-built model of the Key Route Inn at 22nd (West Grand Ave) and Broadway, Oakland.
We offer a brief description of our trackplan rather than a graphical representation, because the layout is relatively compact and all trackage is close to the public walkway and readily seen. Most of the trackage is contained within the main town of Melrose, adjacent to the HO standard gauge SP and WP Mainlines of the Canyon Division. There is an additional line from the Oakland Mole building to the upper level of the Oakland 16th St.Station. My club is modelling an area where on of the major industrial concerns operated their own electric railway, so our railroad will have several interchanges with the electric private railway, which will require full trolley-pole overhead wires and proper models of the steeplecab electrics. The best traction modelling I have seen was in San Diego first, at the General Dynamics Model RR Club and later at the San Diego Model RR Museum where the San Diego Model RR Club is currently constructing center city downtown San Diego in 1949 complete with its traction line.
I have been thinking about a way to do a traction line on the Argentine branch of my Bolero, Lindy and Tango RR.
I'm thinking that the Bachmann 44-ton industrial loco would make a good basis for a kitbashed traction motor.

Two of my favorite are the HO and O scale traction lines at the Baltimore Society of Model Engineers. By 1912, all street railways in the Oakland area were consolidated into one company which would be known as the Key System. Trackage winds around the town between the yard and car barn, with an extension running along the west wall of the building to the town, yard and industries at Havenscourt.
That being said though, I did like the concepts of Interurbans, the whole self-contained engine and car.
It would definately be a good idea for a nice modelable shortline though, especially with the tendency for short, compact track layouts, tight curves, plus the added interest of cool unique-looking small engines and all the overhead wiring (although a potential downside is the wires getting in the way while switching).
That will certainly add some interest, however so far only a couple of the interchanges are close to being built; one is half completed, the other should start soon, but neither is fully completed and there is no overhead yet. It's in N scale and set in 1920, which adds two more layers of difficulty to the project. One major component of the Oakland transit operations was trans-bay service connecting Oakland with San Francisco.

Can you recommend a prototype that would be most likely to fit that chassis and time period?
My Other Half {MOH} on the other hand, loves such stuff, both having ridden them in Germany growing up there every other summer with German Grandmother, and here as novelties. In addition, the Southern Pacific Railroad operated a competing trans-bay electric rail service until 1941. In 1960, the Alameda Contra Costa County Transit District became responsible for public transportation in the East Bay area, acquiring the Key System.

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