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The Confederation Train of 1967 included 15 individual pieces of equipment, including locomotives and all cars.
The smooth drive is available either as DCC ready with the 8-pin NMRA compatible socket on the PC board or with a QSI sound system that will operate on either DC or DCC.
In 2009, CN acquired the equipment that had been in use on the former Ski Train out of Denver, Colorado. Initially pushed into service in 2009 still in their old yellow-orange Ski Train colours, the equipment was extensively refurbished in 2011-2012 and repainted into a handsome new interpretation of the Algoma Central’s traditional wine red and grey passenger colours. The red main body on the locomotives and cars are nicely accented by a yellow and black stripe and a grey lower body and roof. Part of the refurbishment of the equipment included TV display screens in the coaches featuring a live cab view transmitted from a camera in the engine.
When we come to the rear of the units, close observation reveals a couple of minor differences. While on CN 105 (the first unit refurbished and repainted into the new colours in 2011) above, note that the black along the angled part of the roof also carries directly across the end of the locomotive, and the unit’s road number in grey is lettered at the top of the carbody, above the read headlight. On CN 104 (and 106 exhibits the same pattern – these two units were repainted in 2012) note that the black does not carry over onto the end of the unit, and instead of a large road number at the top of the body, there is a small CN logo and number below on the headlight, on the door.
Having units at each end of the train means that there is always a unit coupled to the coaches to provide electrical power at Canyon. During the slower summer season, the Tour Train runs with one F40PH at each end (and returns south in this configuration with no runaround at Canyon).

The three locomotives were sold to Ski Train in 2000, where they operated until the spring of 2009 and were acquired for the Algoma Central Railway. This entry was posted in CN 104-106 F40PHR, Prototype and tagged Agawa Canyon Tour Train, CN 104-106, F40PH, Locomotive, Prototype by Chris van der Heide.
This follow-up to my post about my ride on the Agawa Canyon Tour Train last week contains several additional photos of items of interest around Agawa Canyon Park, in no real specific order. This display of track speeders and handcar is located near the north end of the park, across the tracks from the Canyon Lodge. This old passenger car in the park was previously used as a souvenir shop on site, but appears to be unused now. This car’s last official identity before retirement was as work service diner 10400, and was previously cafe car 502. This entry was posted in Canyon, Prototype and tagged Canyon, Prototype by Chris van der Heide. Pearson had lit the Centennial Flame on Parliament Hill at midnight to launch the nationwide observance of the 100th anniversary of Canada's nationhood, a ceremony was held at the new Ottawa Station. The exterior facades of the coaches were walled over and given a colourful "super graphics" treatment.
The lettering used for the road numbers (and the small CN logo above the number) is a light grey. Look closely in the windshield of the 104 in the below photo, or the 105 in the photo at the top of this post and you can see the video camera mounting next to the centre divider between the two front windows.

When I was in the Sault at the end of September, the Agawa Canyon Tour Train ran north with 105 and 104 on the head end, and 106 bringing up the rear.
During this season, the unused third unit is freed up to provide locomotive power to the regular passenger service.
IIRC the sideframe had a 1928 date cast into it, so it may be originally from one of the Algoma Central’s 3100-3199 series wood boxcars, which were built in 1928. Madame Pauline Vanier, on behalf of her husband Governor General Georges Vanier, dedicated the train to reacquaint Canadians with their history during that momentous year of celebrations. The diesel had the Centennial symbol emblazoned on its nose under the headlight and the locomotive horn sounded the first four notes of O Canada. At Canyon, the 105-104 had run around the train and the tour train returned to Sault Ste Marie with all three units in consecutive order on the head end, 104-105-106. Garbage collection service for the park is handled by flatcars with dumpsters; trash is collected by the park staff from trash cans in the park and put into the dumpsters which will be hauled away at regular intervals by the regular freight. It crossed the nation, arriving at the Atlantic coast in Nova Scotia by October and ended its itinerary in Montreal on December 5. The projects ranged from special one-time events to local improvement projects, such as the construction of municipal arenas and parks.

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