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I adapted Rick Van Laar's track plan, found in the Feburary 2011 issue of Model railroader, to N scale. Unfortunatly for me the LHS was out of code 55 switches and didn't know when he would get any in stock. My own 3 x 6 island was up and running in less than six months and continues to acquire details and structures. For Your First Layout Shelf flair Layouts Bedroom Size Track Plans Track Plans for Staging Yards and Holdover Tracks and Modular exemplary Railroad Plans. Watch Watch ulterior How to quickly ballast model train trackby CSXNo4591 Featured19 021 pentad 56. No one has the room to scale the prototype down exactly, so those comparisons don't rule out having a yard.
Just like yards, most real-life rail-served industries are huge, but compressed versions can work well on our layouts. Bruce Petty's Trona Railway layout I posted in one of your other threads is one example among many. Model railroad yards should be sized by the kind of work they do, the typical length of the trains planned for the layout, and other factors (including human factors). Well concidering the largest home layout I have seen the main line loop was one scale mile. But I was simply pointing out that he should also be aware of the concurrent problem of proper length sidings. The above is my opinion, from an active and experienced Model Railroader in N scale and HO since 1961.
Here are two Walthers Cornerstone coal towers in the process of being kitbashed into a representation of the tower the Rutland used. The track work is still in the process of being completed with a total of 10 to 12 tracks capable of holding 15 to 20 freight cars.
The Rutland's boiler shop and car shops had a few more tracks with larger buildings than what is modeled.

Using the yard plan above, I was able to determine how much space I needed and what I would be able to fit into the space I have. I initially used the roundhouse floor pieces put together to see how much room and the best location for it to accommodate. I am new to the hobby and have a 6x4 foot table and have no idea of what to put on it apart from a cement storage facility, Medusa Cement from walthers, a small coal mine in the side of a mountain and a station.
I am in ho scale and I want a siding going to the cement plant and another to the small coal mine build into the mountain, the table was given to me and is fully accessable right round, I hope this is enough detail, Thanks. This is the reason lots of folks prefer an interchange track; all kind of cars can enter and leave your layout virtually. Destinations far away are imagined, beside having a more versatile bunch of cars on your layout.
You are expecting an awful lot from a 4x6 - almost all of us are guilty of trying to cram 6x12 worth of features into a 4x6. In the past, I did build a relatively successful 4x6 based on the Tidewater Central, a 1957-58 Model Railroader project layout.
I'm home from college over the summer and decided to finally start on a model railroad. So many in fact, that I've started considering just ripping out all the track and starting from scratch with a new roadbed.
He developed an interest in N-Scale and, rather than tear everything out and start over from scratch, he decided to see what could be done using his existing HO-Scale engineering. Most of us cannot model full-length trains either (depending on the prototype), but our compressed versions can still be operated in a realistic fashion.
The yard and major industries are compressed from the real thing, along with train lengths. In particular, Imperial Hobby Productions,Images Replicas, and MTS Imports offer subway and elevated models, though only limited types are available at any time. But since we don't know much about your vision, at least it will provide a starting point for some discussion.

Anyway, I've always wanted to build an N-scale railroad and I hatched this crazy idea that I might be able to lay down N-scale track instead. It was then a project railroad for MR, written in a series of articles by MR editor Linn Westcott.
Thousands of successful layouts have been built with yards that work well -- and almost without exception, none are nearly as long as real-life yards. But because they are sized to each other and to the target train length, the layout can work well. These atomic number 7 scale get across plans are small but each has adequate features to be This imitate was originally from the site ane go it every bit is as a convenience to the model railroad.
Also, I thought it would be cool to put in some parallel lines in a few places where there are single tracks now. I recollect going ended to my grandparents house on Christmas morning and in that location on the dining put over was an HO scale model train set. If you want space I strongly encourage you to build up unmatchable of the shelf layouts that are very the focus. I probably should take a hard look at some of the slopes to see if the grades are too steep.
Model dragoon Building axerophthol Shelf Layout and Passenger Platforms model railroad track plans shelf. I watched with childish glee as the little Reading steam engine pulled antiophthalmic factor short drawing string of freightage cars up over and around a figur.

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