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With a foot print of roughly five inches by ten inches the classic Black Bart Mine will easily find space on nearly any layout. Over the years mining operations have provided one of the most popular line side businesses in model railroading. Even thought its design is over fifty years old, Alpine Division’s latest version of the Black Bart Mine should meet the needs of many modelers. The main wood and card components of the kit are pre-cut and shaped which greatly simplifies the model’s construction. The structure represents a small mine loadout, where a conveyor brings crushed material to the top of the hoisthouse for loading into either a waiting hopper or heavy dump truck. Product FeaturesThis easy-to-build kit includes two sets of stairs, handrails and a laser-cut jig to speed assembly.

Priced at less than twenty dollars (MSRP), the kit is a real value for any model railroader. Due to this popularity structure manufacturers offer a wide array of mine building kits in nearly every modeling media and foot print. The mine was originally offered in the Ayers and Suydam lines as a stamped tin kit that was best assembled with solder. Windows and doors are addressed with the use of injection molded castings that easily fit into their respective openings with a minimum of adjustment. The real choice for the model builder is choosing the structure that meets the space requirements and has the right look on the layout.
The new model has been completely redesigned utilizing wood and corrugated mat board in its construction.

The model needs only a few tools, ACC and PVA (Aleene’s Tacky) glues plus some wood stain and paint to assemble.
With a foot print of roughly five inches by ten inches the Black Bart Mine will easily find space on nearly any layout fitting a wide variety of time periods.
This should make the new version much easier to assemble and finish for most modern model builders.

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