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After nearly three years since the decision to model the location of Wallerawang was made, all track on the layout has been laid, with the last track pin being nailed in the storage yard. One of the storage yards, with the railmotor storage siding being the last piece of track to be fixed into place. Extensions were added to the alumimium folding legs, raising the height of the modules by 85mm (just over 3 inches). Lighting for the layout is to be provided by daylight flourescent tubes in painted wooden valences, held in place by square steel tube brackets.
The "West Wall" Describes the pair of mainlines that house our staging yard and run along the west side of the club.
On the upper deck above Terra Chemical, the tracks hug the back wall and pass Ernies Garage before turning to cross the lower trackage.
High Bridge was scratchbuilt by Dusty T in 2010, its a great place to take photos as the bluffs around it are great for lighting and photo edging. Meanwhile in the bottom of the canyon, UP 4-12-2 #9083 is powering out of the dip and back up the hill.
Hruban Junction is home to both the interchange with the other aisles, and a massive grain elevator complex. This HO layout features two loops for continuous running and a turntable with lots of room to display locomotives. This HO scale plan gives you a pair of mainline loops as well as a yard and large turntable area to switch or simply display your collection. Maximum Grade: noneConstructionThe 4x8 platform is a common layout size, especially for a first layout. Can anyone give me more information on this plan, I can't seem to find it anywhere else.
The overall height from the floor to the tops of the rails is 1140 millimetres (a fraction under 3 feet 9 inches).
Threaded rod was welded to the underside of the channel, before being bolted to the L-section, where the module ends usually rested.
A prototype lighting valence was constructed out of plywood and test fitted to a temporarily mounted backdrop on a module.

The left-hand side holds the end modules and one of the storage yard modules, while the right-hand side can be seen with the front modules and the second storage yard module. This layout is roughly shaped like a P, with the back half of the west loop going all the way to the east wall before coming back. The mine is accessed by trackage that splits from the main near Sousa City, just outside the long tunnel. In this picture, members of the Colorado and Southern Society run trains with smart phones and tablets during a visit.
The mainlines up top are slightly climbing upgrade, while the trackage at the bottom of the canyon is slightly downhill.
About the center of the 4-12-2 is where the slight upgrade ends and the trackage starts downhill. The upper tracks descend down past Taylor yard in the back, while the lower tracks turn left and go towards the east wall. Whether you want a little operation or just a place to show off and run your trains, this HO Scale layout will be the perfect showcase. The diode matrix systems that will control each point motor have been designed and finalised, and the boards are being constructed. This extra height gives the layout a more realistic look, as the viewer is not looking down as much to view the scene in front of them, but rather looking at and through the scene. This mock-up showed that the layout will be adequately illuminated, with only one minor change required during construction.
The layout legs, barricades, and other items are housed behind the wooden bulkhead and are accessible via doors at the front of the trailer. This side of the layout is notable for having the most verticle outside of narrow gauge on the layout, with the tracks climbing 2.5% grades regaurdless of direction traveled. You could follow these plans for a simple platform, or adapt the open grid platform as shown on the Rio Grande Narrow Gauge Layout.The plan shown here provides a level track bed for easier construction and operation. The 12-volt DC and 17-volt DC power supply circuits are currently in the PC board design phase. All the jumper cables, each containing ten pairs of figure-8 wire, have been soldered and tested.

Whether you prefer mountains, rural farm scenes, or a more urban environment.With the turntable, a roundhouse and steam service facilities would be a natural and exciting scene. These facilities offer a lot of modeling potential and there are many products available to get you started. Uncoupling magnets on the sidings would also make switching easier.Most switches are within easy reach so simple ground throws could be used. Which, thankfully, turns out to be a good choice due to other constraints as well.Actual construction of this may not start soon, as I have many other things to work on, but the design has been roughed in and various measurements checked (I even bought a few sections of the needed Tomix track to verify sizes). Powered switch machines are always an option however if you prefer.The trackplan includes a turntable. I wanted to get the new storage tracks designed before beginning construction also, just to ensure I am actually going to be able to store enough trains in the space available to make it worth moving the storage tracks. With five and a half turns, my original design wouldn’t have been cheap (about $300 for Unitrack, versus about $125 for Micro Engineering flex track). For that reason, at first I decided to go back to my original idea of using flex track on the helix. Protective walls are needed to prevent trains from taking the long fall to the floor in any case, but derailing trains inside a helix is going to be a mess to clean up no matter what, so a large radius to minimize this problem is also desirable.The diameter of the helix is constrained by the space into which it must fit. And since it was starting at the same level as the subway line, I actually needed to reserve several inches of that for the subway tracks and the structure supporting their roadbed. And the supports will allow adjustment, so I could reduce spacing and lower the grade if necessary (although that can force other changes).With 45-degree segments, the track can be insulated eight times per loop (every joint), with a feeder on each track segment if I want. In the diagram at the top of this page, the green block at the bottom is the extension I added to the Urban Station scene. The helix passes under it with about 1” of clearance at the start due to a miscalculation. Unfortunately, the underside is presently holding a couple of terminal strips and a bunch or wires, which will need to be relocated.

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