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Illuminated Concrete Coaling TowerSKU: 6-37912 In the steam era of railroading, coaling towers were stationed at multiple points along the rail lines and at terminals. New York Central Scrap YardSKU: 6-37961 This tired diesel locomotive has reached the end of the line. Operating Pacific Fruit Express Freight TerminalSKU: 6-37975 Many railroads used their own packing and shipping facilities to expedite deliveries of time crucial items. Operating Track GangSKU: 6-37935 Working hard to keep the track in good condition, these gandy dancers just won't quit.

Alton Limited LEGACY Scale 4-6-2 #657 & Heavywight Passenger CarSKU: 6-11338 & 6-25656 The most colorful steam locomotives return for passenger service in 2012! BNSF GP38 Diesel Maxi Stack Freight SetSKU: 6-30211 ?Maxi-Stacks? were specially designed to carry intermodal containers on the rails. Burlington LEGACY 'Pioneer' ZephyrSKU:6-38860 Leading the Streamlined Revolution The Lionel Pioneer Zephyr returns with the LEGACY system and LEGACY RailSounds. CSX Modern Auto Carrier Set (LEGACY Scale SD80MAC #809)SKU: 6-11180 Special Standard O Scale Set Spotlights a Brand New Freight Car!
Ford Mustang GP-7 SetSay the words, ?Detroit Muscle Car,? and the first thing that probably comes to mind is the Ford Mustang.

Great Northern Empire Freight Express SetSKU: 6-31799 EMPIRE BUILDER Something new is rounding the bend at breakneck speed.
SKU: 6-38702 Over all other first generation diesel locomotives, EMD?s F-units became known as the engines that ended the steam era.

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