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Message: Larry and Andrew, those plans would definately make for an interesting set of modules. Message: Ed,I think that we have some operational potential with these three modules.Mark,You are not that far away, why not join in on the fun? Message: Larry, I would but with not driving much, I rarely get out of the house, except to go watch my brother-in-law.
Message: Sully has a coke oven on his layout that has ON18 on the top and ON30 on the bottom track. Message: Not to interupt you planning, but most coke ovens of this type were set up with a work ledge in front that was high enough that a coal car could be loaded by shoveling into it.
Message: Hey Ed, here is a thought, put a switch at the end of your On18 trackage witha short tail with enough room for a small loco and 1-2 cars. Message: Larry, I imagine that anyone from 'outside' would think it a little bit crazy that we're discussing what 'kind' of coal we are shipping. Message: Dallas LOLEd, I did not even notice you jumped to 8 feet of space, shame on me One year to the NC NG convention.
Message: Ed, considering the techniques you've discussed, this should be a very interesting project to follow.
Message: I was sitting here this morning while having my coffee and updated the 'plans' of the modules. Message: Ed, I don't think Larry is going to install cleaning facilities at his mine, I think he will ship the problems over to you.
Message: Ed,Let's go for ground level for the ON18 track at 8" above the ground level for the ON30 track.
Message: Ed,It looks like a great start, I think this critter may be bigger than my ON18 battery engines. Message: Oh, that is small!Link and pin Here are a few more of the ON18 items I have for the modules.
Message: Ed,Keep pushing, you are trying lots of new things and I am interested in expanding on some of what you are doing for my RR.
The popular Christmastime tale, first released in 1985 as an illustrated childrens book, has since inspired an Oscar-nominated 2004 film and a collectible railroad set from model train-makers Lionel LLC . More We sorted through offerings from more than 1,000 exhibitors at New York's annual Toy Fair to find some of the most promising new playthings out there. Holiday trains jersey: aboard polar express, Ok, so you can’t quite make it to the north pole, although that would be pretty cool.
Lionel polar express toy train 7 ft cup tower - youtube, Lionel polar express toy train crashes 7 ft tall tower cups!. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. I may add multiple levels in the mine.The Tipple will be a modified CM Virginia City Ore bin kit that will be a group build on the forum.
Your start to the critter looked like a winner.It was nice to meet a number of the members of the new club today. Met Larry up there where he loaned me one of his On18 coal cars so I could get the coupler height.

I managed to acquire strep throat and have spent the last week not wanting to do anything at all!
Ed, hope you're feeling better soon.It will be interesting to see how the printed parts turn out.
With the film's 10th anniversary quickly approaching, the toy manufacturer wanted to recapture the hearts and minds of railroad enthusiasts with its unique line of replica trains.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). The photo to me looks like the upper track is about twice the height of the men working it or ..
This would make it easy to get your heights right for the larry under the bin, and give you a small switching area maybe even enough for some continuous running if you make the switches spring operated and extend the tail track long enough for a whole train.MarkMark.
Another option is to have a old dump truck and a haul road off layout to a dump site.MarkMark. Seriously, I'm not planning to model the actual mechanism but figured it would be worth the trouble to discover how it worked simply so I COULD model the outside .. Flipping them over so the open toolbox lid would lay up against the hood would prob make more sense. I have a finite amount of space to work with as the tool box and the tanks on the other side are just shells that cover up the donor motor. To do so, the 113-year-old company launched its "Polar It is my opinion that every moment is a chance to study something.
I have the mock-up of the Beehive Oven bank completed and the drawing below has it pretty much where it will be located. We were attacking the 'Enemy' across that field using MILES (Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System) .. Talked about everything from On30, to N scale, to Military History and he took me around the area. The journals though for example, the faces are vertical so you get a horizontal pattern across the face. Here is a few news that we were able to gather for today: Express Sweepstakes" to promote its officially licensed model trains among frenzied fans.
Read More Digital Trends Rubik's TouchCube, $150 A lot of new high-tech toys are updates of older mechanical playthings.
Saw several buildings that I intend to go back to photograph.Go ahead and let me know what you need.
Lionel's marketers timed The Polar Express campaign from September through November to tie into the storys holiday theme. I was thinking (I guess) that I was 'locked in' at the height of the On18 track but that's not true!I'm working right now on a couple of other things ..
She's basically the RMC 2-ton Vulcan loco from a month or so ago with the tool boxes added to the front to hide the N-scale motor that sticks through the frame. To the right of that brackets that go under the journals and finally, up front, the seat frame. And while a free screening of the film might be enough to get folks to the museum, perhaps it is what will be inside the lobby of the grand building along Elizabeth Citys waterfront that will keep you in awe for hours.

The Albemarle Railroad Club has created a model replica of the set from the film, complete with the Christmas village, the hobo who rides atop the train, Santa and tiny elves. A heart-warming story about the power of belief, Chris Van Allsburg's The Polar Express has touched the hearts of millions of readers and film-goers of all ages. If the On18 dropped from the mine to the area of the coke ovens at a 4% grade it could take an inch off of that. You can see that in the panel under the penny (that's the exterior of a side) but I think it will work fine since it looks like sheetmetal that's been pounded on and stressed over the years.
Now, you can bring this classic tale to life in your own home with this exquisitely detailed G-Gauge train set. I finished the second module yesterday and bolted the two together and have started mocking up the coking ovens etc. Once I have the Oven bank sitting at the correct height and location to the mocked up siding I can start finalizing the On18 track. The On18 continues behind and above the Coke Bank to a Raw-Coal storage bin where the mine-run coal from your mine is dumped. Seems like every time I get about half-way working on something I figure a better way to have done 'that' .. I was engaging the enemy tanks via the GPSE (Gunner's Primary Sight Extension) at the TC's position .. 4-piece train set: Berkshire steam locomotive, Coal tender, Passenger coach with 2 opening doors, observation car with disappearing "hobo" feature and opening door. I won't know how well the 3d service will print these (resolution) until they come in so this is in effect an experiment. In the meantime I tried using a pounce tool to try and replicate rivets onto paper which I then stiffened with ACC. This was rendered in a FREE program called Shaderlight (suppose there's a ShaderPro!)I got carried away ..
That got me to thinking that the USRA Standard Gauge two-bay hopper at 55-tons would be perfect for a bin. The On18 then would dump into the bin, and the bin feeds the larry which then charges the ovens.
The only downside to using the hopper for a storage bin is simply how much vertical height I have to play with. That made life "interesting' for the next week as unless the engine was running we had no brakes (think ginormous disk brakes) .. There is a slight warping but that can be corrected when cementing the frame to a surface for making a mold. That's cool because it adds switching but that means either they load on the main line or another siding .. It is estimated, from what is known, that the aggregate area of these coal fields is about 30,000 square miles.

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