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For her son August’s 4th birthday, my friend Courtney of Courtney Adams Design envisioned a train party with a chic color scheme of deep teal, ochre yellow, brown and black. The hanging lanterns on each side of the table came from Factory Direct Craft, and the engine front was a great find on clearance at Hobby Lobby. To make the popcorn cones stand up, Courtney left a small little hole in the bottom of each cone.

Courtney made adorable drink cups by putting a cupcake liner under a mason jar lid, then punching a paper straw through the liner. I customized my train party theme to suit her custom colors, and as an ultra-talented interior designer, Courtney brought her signature sense of style to the party, layering fabrics, textures and bold details on the party table! She cut a piece of styrofoam to fill her serving dish, stuck long lollipop sticks into the foam, and placed the cones on the sticks.

I'm not sure where Courtney purchased the mason jars but you can find them in most craft stores.

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