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The Messerschmitt Bf 110 (often erroneously called Me110) was a twin-engine heavy fighter (Zerstorer - German for "Destroyer") in the service of the Luftwaffe during Second World War. The BF-110 sprung from a 1934 competition for a heavy fighter capable of carrying a small bombload and cannon. The BF-110 first saw combat in the polish campaign, and also the invasions of Norway and Denmark and the low countries. Silver Arrow Hobby is excited to bring to you the First in its class Luxury Airliner Series of EDF Scale Jets! Our efforts bring to you a whopping 60” wingspan Quad Brushless Motor replica of the FULL Size Airbus! In 1966, the Siai-Marchetti SF.260, which had been designed by the Italian designer Stelio Frati, was released to the small aircraft market. Each of the industrialized nations of the world have their own little niche—the USA is very good at designing nuclear subs, jetliners, and 4x4 pickups, the Germans are great with high speed touring sedans, the British are known for their work with very expensive luxury cars, but it is the Italians that have the corner on exotic sports cars, exotically designed sports boats or yachts, and of course sports planes. The SF.260 is often referred to as the Ferrari of the skies, with its 260 HP Lycoming engine, tapered laminar flow wing, and fighter like tip tanks, this aircraft is sleek, fast, and strong. Previously the only way to build a competition capable rock crawler was to buy bits and pieces of several different kits here'n'there. This long and sometimes frustrating process would take as long as several months just to get the right parts together before you could even start the build. Now you can get everything in one box, and within a matter of a few hours build-time you'll be able to hit the rocks with your competition ready X Rock Crawler! The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk was an American attack aircraft originally designed to operate from United States Navy aircraft carriers. The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk is a carrier-capable ground-attack aircraft designed for the United States Navy and U.S. Fifty years after the aircraft's first flight, and having played key roles in the Vietnam War, the Falklands War, and the Yom Kippur War, a few of the nearly 3,000 Skyhawks produced remain in service with several air arms around the world, including active duty on the aircraft carrier of the Brazilian Navy. The tail is swept down because the emergency landing parachute deploys from the bottom of the aircraft causing it to land upside-down. British single-seat fighter, used by the Royal Air Force and many other Allied countries during the Second World War, and into the 1950s. The Supermarine Spitfire was a British single-seat fighter, used by the Royal Air Force and many other Allied countries during the Second World War, and into the 1950s. Its elliptical wing had a thin cross-section, allowing a higher top speed than the Hawker Hurricane and many other contemporary designs.
The Cessna 185, also known as the Skywagon, is a six-seat, single engined, general aviation light aircraft manufactured by Cessna.
The pro-level composite hi-gloss finish, knuckle hinges and exacting scale lines will put you in the winners circle !

Optional wings are ribbed with balsa and ply, sheeted with a hexagonal kevlar lattice and finished with a fiberglass shell, complete with all panel lines and scale features. Hermann Goring was a proponent of the Bf 110, and nicknamed it his Eisenseiten, or "Ironsides". The first prototype flew in 1936, with the aircraft flying considerably faster than anticipated.
During the battle of britain it became very clear it was unsuited for use as a daylight fighter, with too wide a turning radius it was easily outfought by more nimble hurricanes and spitfires. Capable of cruising at or near 180 knots and having an FAA certification for -2 to + 6 G aerobatic rating approval, this little aircraft is the high performance aircraft pilot's dream.
The kit was designed from the ground up, and every detail was thought through to provide a competition level base kit to work with.
This ARF RQ-1-B Spy Plane is powered by an brushless electric motor of the class 400 that replicates real famous NASA Spy Plane. Air Force describes as a "medium-altitude, long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle system." It is a Joint Forces Air Component Commander-owned theater asset for reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition in support of the Joint Force commander. The fully operational system consists of four air vehicles (with sensors), a ground control station (GCS), a RQ1 primary satellite link communication suite and 55 people. This inverted crash landing protects expensive optics and, because the tail is swept down, does not damage the tail.
Produced by the Supermarine subsidiary of Vickers-Armstrongs, the Spitfire was designed by the company's Chief Designer R. The distinctive silhouette imparted by the wing planform helped the Spitfire to achieve legendary status during the Battle of Britain. Particularly suited to 1.80 size engines, this 79in model features a large one piece wing with the option to install mechanical retracts (not included) and flaps.
It first flew as a prototype in July 1960, with the first production model being completed in March 1961. The Bf 110 served with success in the early rounds of the war, during the Polish, Norwegian and French Campaigns.
After the battle of britain the BF-110's were shifted to the mediterranean theatre and the eastern front, where they saw heavy duty, particularly in an air-to-ground role.
Also known as the “World’s Largest Passenger Jet!” The Airbus A380 in its Full Size can seat up to 850 passengers! The delta winged "Skyhawk", powered by a single turbojet was designed and produced by Douglas Aircraft Company (later McDonnell Douglas).
The structure is all built up from laser cut balsa and ply parts and then expertly covered in VMAR’s detailed VCOTE 3DS film. Complete with all hardware - spinner, wheels, functional oleo undercarriage legs, control horns etc.

The Cessna 185 is a high-winged aircraft with non-retractable conventional landing gear and a tailwheel. The initial run using the DB600 were found to be tempermental, so they were replaced by the Junkers Jumo 210B engine and eventually the DB 601B engine.
The "Skyhawk" was originally designated the A4D under the US Navy's pre-1962 designation system.
The very light frame employs two different types of extruded polystyrene and is covered with the mimetic camouflage films.
Examples include areas where enemy air defenses have not been fully suppressed, open ocean environments, and biologically or chemically contaminated environments. This flaw was exposed during the Battle of Britain, when some Bf 110 equipped units were withdrawn from the battle after very heavy losses and redeployed as night-fighters, a role which the aircraft was well suited. The Airbus A380 has gorgeous lines and at any angle you view her, she is just a Beautiful Jet!
Production ceased in large part in 1985 due to two factors: the demise of the general aviation boom that characterized the post World War II years in the United States, and the growing awareness by insurance companies that tail wheel aircraft were harder to insure due to their handling characteristics during takeoff and landing.
The Bf 110 enjoyed a successful period following the defeat over Britain as air superiority fighter and strike aircraft.
It is not just a great park flyer but just a true electric scale model able to flight on the normal fields. When Cessna re-introduced some of its most popular models in the 1990s, the tailwheel equipped Cessna 180 and 185 were left to the history books and not resurrected. During the Balkans Campaign, North African Campaign and the Eastern Front it rendered valuable ground support to the German Army as a potent fighter-bomber, (JagdBomber-Jabo).
The super detailed instructions permit to everybody with some building experience to afford this construction. Later in the war it was changed further to night fighter operations, and it became the major night fighter type of the Luftwaffe. Landings are super soft with a gorgeous nose up flair that is so familiar with all airliner landings! Most of the German night-fighter aces flew, or did fly the Bf 110 at some point during their combat careers.
For the many of us that at one time growing up, dreamed about piloting your own fighter jet or Airliner, this is your ticket to realize your dream!

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