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The Lion Mark was developed in 1988 by the BTHA to perform a function not covered by the CE Mark, namely, to act as a recognisable consumer symbol denoting safety and quality. It means that consumers can be assured that a toy which bears the Lion Mark has been made by a member who believes in making good quality, safe toys. A BTHA member must have signed a declaration by which they agree to adhere to responsible marketing practices and strict safety and ethical manufacturing standards and they must sign a licence agreement with the Association which sets out the terms of its use.
The BTHA Code of Practice ensures that our members not only meet current UK legislation, across a range of issues from safety to advertising, but often surpass the legal requirements to meet the best practice guidelines that make up the Code.

In addition the BTHA has recognised the importance of educating and supporting its members on any issue that is part of the BTHA Code of Practice and which is represented by the Lion Mark.
The Council of the BTHA took the decision in 2008 to support the ongoing work of its members with a programme of education. The programme, which includes seminars on issues relating to those stipulated in the BTHA Code of Practice, has been established under the banner of the Lion Mark – as the symbolic badge of membership of the association. In 1991 the Toy Retailers Association (TRA) joined up with the BTHA to launch the Approved Lion Mark Retailer Scheme.

This does not mean that all products in the shop carry the Lion Mark but that all products meet the Toy Safety Standards.

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