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Now I know these are plastic reproduced models NOT brass, and believe me I will obtain some brass down the road but I would prefer to have a decent variety of several models versus only one or two brass locos until I could afford to obtain them down the road. The good news is that the cranks aren't soldered on (as they are with many brass steam engines).
Having a scale drawing of the real locomotive really helps to see where the differences are in the model.
These locomotives had to traverse the rugged terrains from the Gulf of Mexico to Utah and Northern California.

The locomotive chassis is all metal and fairly minimalistic (with most of the actual heft being provided by the shell). With this in mind, Southern Pacific acquired permission from the War Production Board to purchase a group of 20 locomotives from Baldwin.
I'm told that seasoned locomotive tuners can get these models to run acceptably well (see below).
Interestingly, the 4294 was the last new steam locomotive ever to be purchased by Southern Pacific.

While you're at it, also file the bottoms of the brake shoes so that they don't scrape or short out on the rails. This simple compound articulated locomotive averaged speeds of 15 miles per hour over the many cuts and passes.

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