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Well, one could buy 150000 mile, titled, running Miata from the same or even smaller money.
Right you are, but one could have little RWD car with more power, better handling, awesome parts availability etc. I just feel that this neglected, quite obscure thing needs to have lower price and still the pool of people who would choose this is fairly small. Looks legit to me, but then I race a car which has a length of radiator hose as part of its throttle linkage.
I suspect that's actually the speedometer cable housing, so clearly the spring location is intended as cruise control. I like Tiny Tuesdays almost as much as I like the idea of driving this racecar on the road. Entered in the market in 1973, the Honda Civic is one compact car that has managed to deliver the goods to consumers. Currently this compact is now on its eight generation and still running as top or near the top of its class. Plus, many American consumers and industry insiders see the Civic as one compact car known to score big on fuel economy, environmental awareness and of course for performance.
I do agree with you that it is the high-quality fit and finish, and its reliability on the road, which has helped it run successful for so many years as one of the best selling cars. The Honda Prelude carries the promise of the company when it comes to intelligent design and reliability.

The Prelude was positioned to compete with the Celica and was also challenged by the Ford Prone and the Mazda MX-6. Simply put, this Honda entry had its shares of accolades when this was still in production.
Right after the end of its production, the CRX was often seen as one of the popular choices for drag and other forms of racing due to the availability of parts and accessories.
Reasons abound: mystery VINs and non-existent titles, beat bodies and components that have been stressed or heat cycled to the brink of failure, to name a few. Despite the fact that the site's over 4 years old, having editors own specific days is a relatively new thing. This compact car from the Japanese manufacturer is considered as the second-longest continuously produced car in the US by a Japanese car maker, next only to the Corolla. There were newer spin-offs from the Civic, and these new cars are known for their performance and sportiness like the Type-R and the Civic Si.
This was considered then as the car that was fitted with Honda‚Äôs best and powerful engines, but this was not considered yet as a muscle car. Others are also one in saying that this Honda entry was one of the best when this was still in production. Until this time, there have been rumors of a CRX comeback in the market but majority of the rumors have been shot down. This one’s got a motor bumped to 1375cc, dual Webers, upgraded brakes and a limited slip front differential.

This particular Honda is 10% like 90% of the way back to being street legal, it’s just up to you to finish the wiring and get it re-titled by the DMV. Anyway, I know nothing about bikes, so I'm unlikely to generate any more Two Wheel Tuesday content myself, so this was the next best thing I could think of.
It has always been known for its adoption of high-quality fit and finish and has always been known for its reliability on the road. Five generations of the Prelude was made, and when the fourth generation Integra was released in the market then that was the time when the Prelude was taken out the market.
Premier examples of these technologies include the fuel injection and the Active Torque Transfer System.
Luckily, the 1973 year makes it smog exempt, so you’ll just have to explain the different dash and fender VINs to the flexible, easy-going DMV staff. The Prelude was also the first car that featured the VTEC or called the variable valve technology.

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