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Now that the information has been confirmed at the Montreal Auto show, we are even more excited about the upcoming mini-crossover.
The 2016 Honda HRV was not designed to be a powerhouse, so we didn’t expect that in an engine.
In addition, we finally got information on the elusive fuel economy ratings, making us all the more excited for the much-anticipated release of the 2016 Honda HRV.
We got exactly what we were looking for, just enough power to make the ride enjoyable, and the best fuel economy in the class.

Not only that, but a few days ago finally saw the 2016 Honda HRV Canadian debut at the Montreal Auto Show, and we finally got confirmation of the details we released a couple of months ago, which was information from the States’ press release. Let’s start with the interior cabin space, which you already know will be extremely versatile thanks to Magic Seat technology.
The passenger volume of the LX trim level will allow you and four of your friends or family to fit comfortably in just over 100 cubic feet of space, and the upgraded trim levels only downsize to 96 cubic feet still offering a ton of room. We simply cannot wait for what we are perfectly comfortable assuming will be the talk of the industry for the year to come, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have an official release date.

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