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These New York subway safety tips will help you reduce the probability of danger and increase the odds of staying safe when traveling underground.
Dial 511 within the NYC region for personal assistance with public transportation questions. Say “subways and buses” when the automated system answers. Both Hopstop and Google Maps allow you to enter an exact address, an intersection or landmark. Planning your NYC subway route ahead of time will leave you with plenty of time for people watching. When no train is in sight, leaners suck their teeth, roll their eyes, tap their toes and make the “Come on, already” face.
Leaning will be less of an issue in the future, as more stations add electronic signs advising how many minutes remaining before the next train approaches. Anyone harassing you will not like the racket this whistle makes nor the attention it attracts to you. The mother of all public transportation tips: gentleman move your wallets to a front pocket, ladies your handbags in front of you.
When it gets crowded, the yellow warning lanes along platform edges become improvised express lanes for people trying to exit.
Wait for the train to pass by you before approaching the platform’s edge. Then you can join the elbowing and clawing fun.

Where: the downtown platform for the #6 train at the “14th Street-Union Square” station in Manhattan. If you found this post helpful, please consider sharing it through your favorite social media. And now, the app lets you see transit fare calculations in all routes throughout New York City, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, and the Hudson Valley.
Moreover, the latest update to HopStop for iPad includes over 10,000 additional bus schedules. For another popular transit app that recently got a significant update, see The Transit App Goes 100 Percent Free As It Hits Version 2.0. Zoom in close to see subway stops and commuter railroad stations (Long Island Railroad, Metro-North, etc).
And which crimes “make up more than half of all street crime” in New York City?1 The theft of cellphones.
News channels love stories about people who rescue their iPhones by tracking the thieves to their lair with a find-my-phone app. The second lived, but was in intensive care with many broken these, fractured thats and punctured those. Edge dwellers, those people who wait for trains standing close to the platform’s edge, get cranky during delays.

He and his fellow passengers also show good subway form by following Tip #6: (Don’t Be An Edge Dweller). By installing a hydraulic platform that extends when a train arrives and retracts when a train leaves. These markets have been added to HopStop for iPhone as well through its most recent update.
If you'd like to permanently remove ads in the app, you can now do so by availing of a $4.99 in-app purchase. They’re committed by people with drug problems who will steal, then sell, anything not nailed down for their next trip into the clouds. Not one Edge Dweller is sight as a downtown 6 train enters the “Grand Central Terminal-42nd Street” station during the evening rush hour.
Those who are lost in the music, texting without coming up for air, sleeping or  otherwise oblivious.

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