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Although my main interest is Meccano building I also have a modest and slowly growing collection of nineteen fifties Hornby Dublo. In recent years I have been buying the items that I once proudly owned, including the Bo-Bo diesel shown on the left and the Duchess of Montrose shown above.
In 1959 Meccano announced they were introducing a two rail system, much to the disappointment of myself, just starting my collection and all those who already had the original track system.
Above a BR standard class 2-6-4 tank locomotive departs from the station loop, bunker first with a train of suburban coaches.
Below the BR standard class 2-6-4 tank locomotive runs around the station loop with an empty freight train bound for the yard.
Below is the new 8 x 4 base board layout although not yet fully wired most of the track is now screwed down and the pictures were taken the first time I had it all set up.
My layout the plan shown below is developed from a dealer display board made by Meccano Ltd. On the far left is the c1954 EDG17 set I bought a few years ago that really re-kindled my interest in Hornby Dublo model railways.
The advertisement shown on the right is from the back cover of the December 1958 Meccano Magazine announcing the new model Bo-Bo diesel that had also recently been introduced by British Railways. The Hornby-Dublo Super Detail coaches are a quirky blend of materials, with their tinplate sides and plastic roofs, ends and underframes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Collecting, buying and selling Hornby Dublo and Wrenn has been a passion of mine for over 25 years.

The models were 00 gauge to a scale of 4mm to the foot with three rail track, the centre rail is to pick up the 12 volt current.
The other main rival was Trix like Hornby Dublo with a three rail system, Trix had been introduced several years before Hornby Dublo but at first they had a rather crude toy like appearance, but later were very much more detailed and very similar to H.D. Yes its the same illustration transposed as shown looking at the digger on my main Meccano page. The station buildings,signal box and foot bridge are Hornby Dublo , made in the nineteen fifties from die cast aluminium. They may have been gone, but the photos alone may be of use as reference or just for interest. It comes complete with the original box, which is showing signs of wear, only the expected amount for it’s age. It comes complete with the original box, which is showing signs of wear, especially the lid. The maroon versions are particularly popular and come in seven versions including a sleeping car and full brake, just the right amount to form an attractive little collection in their own right.
The locomotives were highly detailed, die cast metal, the wagons and coach bodies were litho tin printed with die cast under frames and boogies. The huge investment involved in changing over to a badly conceived two rail system was partly responsible for the collapse of the Meccano company.
This model was a departure from the die cast bodies of all previous locomotives and was of high impact plastic.
They are not that expensive, with prices around the ?25 mark, except for one fly in the ointment; the 4071 Restaurant Car.

When they were re introduced in 1947 in small numbers there was a great demand and it was several years before the full range of products could be purchased. The bottom picture shows a general view of my table top layout photographs taken in January 2010. The track pieces are removed across the folding point and held in place by sliding the fishplates across the gap.
Every self respecting express train needs one, but as they were released at the end of the Dublo production period, they are the scarcest coaches in the range, with prices hovering around ?150. The centre wheels are very loose to enable them to move with any points, crossovers, bumps etc. There is more development to be carried out but in May 2013 it has been folded away, the locos and rolling put back in their boxes until the autumn.
However it is prone to derailing, so this makes a better display piece than an actual running piece. The box has the late period italic Dublo logo and the couplings are the last fine plastic version.
They are unusual in having a long plastic tube running off the back lug of the coupling to give a spring action to return the coupling to centre. The body is similar to the other super detail coaches, with tinplate body and plastic underframe, ends and roof.

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