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The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.If you continue without changing these settings, you consent to this - but if you want, you can turn cookies off on this website by clicking here. Bachmann OO Gauge 30601 Virgin Voyager set 3-car unit consisting of 2 Streamlined dummy power Coaches one Club Class and a central powered Coach Welsh Dragon (Draig Gymreig) track transformer and other small parts, Near Mint in Excellent to Good box.
Hornby (China) OO Gauge 2 sets: R054 Freight Master consisting of Class 37 Diesel EW&S, Container Wagon with 2 containers, 2 Low Loader Wagons with wood container loads, Open Wagon, Goods Crane, track and other items contained in original set box with various leaflets and full colour trak mat, Excellent, box Good, R1051 Industrial Freight set consisting of 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive red, 7 Up Wagon, Pepsi Wagon and Tango Wagon, all Excellent in original shrink wrapped plastic apparently never opened contained in original card box outer, Good to Fair a little scuffed. Hornby (China) OO Gauge 2 Train sets: R1039 Flying Scotsman set consisting of Pacific Locomotive Flying Scotsman LNER 4472, 4 LNER wood effect Corridor Coaches, track and other items and R1032 Mainline Steam consisting of 4-6-4 LNER 8544 Locomotive and 2 LNER wood effect Coaches both with Clerestory roofs, track and other items, both Excellent in Good Plus boxes.
Hornby (China) OO Gauge 2 multiple Coach packs: R4255 "The Master Cutler" Coaches and R4310 "The Blue Pullman" Coaches both Excellent boxes Good Plus. Hornby Railways (England) 2 sets: Night Mail Express consisting of Pacific Locomotive City of Nottingham BR 46251, Royal Mail Coach and 2 BR Coaches, track and other items, together with a Mighty Mallard consisting of Pacific A4 Locomotive Mallard BR 60022 and 3 BR Corridor Coaches and other items, both Excellent, boxes Fair both with brown tape to lids. Lima OO Gauge 4 Diesel Locomotives L204963 EWS 67002 "Special Delivery", L204936 Class 55 "The Kings Own Scottish Borderer", L204697 Class 37 Regional Railways Locomotive "The Scottish Hosteller" and L205092 A1 BR Western Region Railcar, all Excellent boxes Good.
Various manufacturers Locomotives and Coaches: Hornby Railways R450 Fowler Class LMS 690 Locomotive, R857 Ivatt Class BR 4600 Locomotive, R374 Battle of Britain Class Locomotive Spitfire Southern 21C166, all Excellent boxes Good to Fair, Dapol 0-4-2T LNER 4744 Tank Locomotive boxed, Airfix Royal Scot BR 46100 boxed, 2 other locomotives in incorrect Airfix boxes and 3 Coaches, generally Good.
Lima and others OO Gauge a collection of Coaches consisting of 10 Lima, 2 Toplink, 3 Hornby Railways, 6 Dapol and 2 others, generally Excellent boxes Good to Fair.
Hornby (China) OO Gauge 3 Locomotives: R2355 BR 060-6-0 Class Q1 Locomotive 33037, R2343 060-6-0 Class Q1 Locomotive Southern C8 and R2319 LNER Class B17 Sheffield Wednesday BR 61661, all Excellent boxes Good. Hornby (China) OO Gauge 3 Locomotives: A4 Class BR Locomotive Sir Nigel Gresley 60007 blue livery with "British Railways" on tender with certificate of accreditation numbering the model as 355 of a production run of 500 dated 16th January 2002 signed by Simon Kohler, R2535 BR Class A4 Locomotive Woodcock 60029 (DCC ready) and R2494 A4 Class Locomotive BR Guillemot 60020 (DCC ready), all Excellent the first 2 in Good boxes the 3rd in Fair to Good box.

Bachmann OO Gauge 2 Diesel Outline Locomotives 32651 Class 44 "Penyghent" and a Class 37 "Bullidae", both Excellent boxes Good Plus. Bachmann OO Gauge 3 Steam Outline Locomotives: 31307 Freshford Manor BR 7813, black livery, 32077 0-6-2 BR 5658 Tank Locomotive and 32126 2-6-2 BR 4560, black livery, all Excellent boxes Good Plus. Hornby (China) R1067 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Hogwarts Express electric train set consisting of 4-6-0 Castle Class Locomotive Hogwarts Castle HR (Hogwarts Railway) 5972 Locomotive and Tender, 2 HR Corridor Coaches, track and other items including a playmat together with R4219A Hogwarts Express Composition Coach, both Near Mint in Excellent Plus boxes. Hornby (China) OO Gauge Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix Hogwarts Express electric train set consisting of Castle Class Locomotive, Hogwarts Castle HR (Hogwarts Railways) 5972 and tender, 2 HR Corridor Coaches and other items including a playmat together with a Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Express Coach, both Near Mint in Excellent Plus boxes.
Hornby Railways Advanced Passenger Train Set containing 5-car Set, spare Pantograph, Track and other items, Excellent in fitted polystyrene box base with top of box only Poor, together with Hornby (China) R1013 Eurostar Set containing 4-car Set, Track and other items in fitted polystyrene box, Excellent, box is Fair to Good, taped. Bachmann OO Gauge 2 x Virgin Train Sets: 32625 Super Voyager 5-car DMU and 30600 Virgin Voyager 3-car Set, both are Excellent, boxes are Good Plus. Hornby (China) OO Gauge R2560 Lord of The Isles 25th Anniversary Set consisting of Single Locomotive Lord of The Isles Great Western 3046 and 3 x GW Coaches with clerestory roofs, contained in display box with certificate of authentication No.1310 of 2500 dated 2006 and compliments slip from Rails of Sheffield, Near Mint, box is Good Plus.
Hornby (China) a pair of Diesel Outline Sets R2698 BR Class 101 3-car DMU, R2693 North Western Regional Railways Class 156 2-car Set, both Mint in Mint boxes. Hornby (China) R2821 "Hitachi Class 395 EMU" DCC ready set, consisting of Streamlined Pantograph Highspeed Locomotive, 2 Coaches and a Dummy End all in South Eastern blue colours, Mint in Excellent box.
Hornby (China) R2490 Mainline Co-Co Diesel Electric Class 60 Locomotive DCC ready in Mainline colours, Mint in Excellent box.
Hornby (China) R2467X Virgin Trains Pendolino DCC fitted set consisting of Digital Class 390 Kitchen 1st, motorised 69112 1st Car, Pantograph 69512 1st and Digital Class 390 Kitchen 1st Car motorised, 1st Car with Pantograph and Class 390 Standard Digital, all Mint in Excellent box.

Hornby (China) BR Coaches, 2 x R4182 BR 1st Sleeper, 2 x R4179 BR 1st Corridor, 2 x R4260A BR Corridor Brake and R4262B BR 3rd Class, all Mint in Excellent boxes. Hornby (China) BR Coaches 4 x R4234 1st Corridor, 2 x R4262A 3rd Corridor, 2 x R4237 Full Brake, R4236 Corridor Brake and R4262B 3rd Corridor, all Mint in Excellent boxes.
Hornby (China) First Great Western Coaches, 6 x R4369 Mk.3 1st Coaches and 2 x R4370 Tourist Open, all Mint in Excellent boxes.
Hornby (China) various Coaches, 3 x R4307 Caledonian Sleeper, R4314A BR Intercity, R4416 East Midlands Mk.3, R4153 BR 2nd Open (weathered), R4224 Great Western 1st and R4414 East Midlands 1st, all Mint in Excellent boxes. Hornby (China) GNER Coaches 3 x R4322 1st, 2 x R4324 Buffet, 2 x R4315A Trailer Guards Standard, R4323 Tourist Open, R4105 2nd and R4104 1st, all Mint in Excellent boxes. Hornby (China) First Great Western Coaches, 3 x R4183B 1st Class Buffet, 2 x R4160C 1st Class together with 2 x R4278 Virgin Trailer Guards Standard Coach, all Mint in Excellent boxes.
Hornby (China) Royal Coaches 2 x R4404 The Queens Saloon, 2 x R4401 The Duke of Edinburgh's Saloon and R4284 Royal Household Sleeper Coach, all Mint in Excellent boxes.

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