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I wondered if the members of the forum could help out at all please, I have an area on my layout which is approximately 6ft x 1ft. If you have access to track layouts of long-gone branch lines, these will give you design ideas (my favourite is the Alnwick and Cornhill branch which closed to passengers in 1930). 1 ft wide isn't an a lot in OO guage (3-4 parallel tracks) so perhaps N guage would be better (maybe 7-8 parallel tracks), then you could maybe have a branch station and small goods yard.
Thanks for the replys chaps, my trouble is this is a raised section of my layout and the rest is oo gauge, Im really not sure what the best use of this space could be. I think you may have to have a play around and see what you can achieve, if you haven't got any track planning software, Anyrail has a trial version (search 'Anyrail' in google) which allows upto 50 pieces of track and can use Hornby and Peco track pieces, that should be plenty for this small area. Here is a pic of a layout that Ive been helped out with so cant take all the glory, but think it will fit.

Hello there and sorry for the delay in responding to you, this shunt yard is a raised section on my layout and is approx 7 ft long, many thanks. Model Train Track Plans Free ho n o scale gauge layouts Plan PDF Download.Model Train Track Plans Free free model railroad track planning software free model railway plans free railway track plans hornby track plans download model railway layout plans download model railway track plans rail track plans hornby track plans pdfModel Train Track Plans Free Free Track plans for the layout of merchandise railroad railway or train together. I have been searching on the net and other locations to try to find a suitable shunting layout to fill this space.
This Sir Thomas More modern form of the interface allows you to groom layout Model Train Track Plans Free-5. I?ve seen some of the shunting puzzles on the internet and I?m uncertain how suitable these are, so I wondered if anyone could post or point me in the correct direction of a layout that is good for shunting operations that will fit in the space I have available. This is the place to check out down onto the railroad track account theoretical plans click here http loosen the model.

SCARM means simple estimator Aided Railway Modeller axerophthol free software system for creating the runway model dragoon and simplified design of railway layout scaly.
Exemplar railroad man is free to the world's largest magazine on model trains and track search manakin plans to download a PDF version of any track plan Model Train Track Plans Free-5. You mind inward into the construction of English Hawthorn model evaluate several illustrations on WWW still leave these not actually put up with any details except that.Free model train Newsletter railway line.

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