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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. The Bachmann Percy my grandson has runs well though omission of a front coupler was daft .Bachmann are crap . I worked in a model shop for 3 years, all what sold was mainly the  Thomas sets, Rest of the Range way overpriced and stayed on the Shelf along with many other items in the Hornby range. Well my hopes died down a bit after reading the last sentence of an interview between MREmag and Nat from Hornby.
Southworth's revelation of 'difficulties with access to the tooling' perhaps indicate not only items as before but possibly delays as well. My suggestion is that the tooling was located at Sanda Kan and essentially hostage to business negotiations. I would be very surprised if HIT gave a toss what the models looked like so long as Hornby paid up on time. I'm still not sure the "issues with access to the tooling" necessarily means that Hornby will be using the original toolings unaltered. If Hornby's "new" range of Thomas is merely the old toolings being dredged up again, then if I may be brutally honest, I think Hornby would have been better off leaving the range discontinued and handing the reins over to Bachmann. And at the end of the day we shouldn't really dismiss this issue with "it's for little kids, they won't know the difference", because a lot of them do. Even then, I still wouldn't put it past Hornby to produce new body toolings for some of the characters.
If the new range is just the old tooling, I really do hope that Hornby make some sort of effort to spruce the models up. Gordon the Big Engine is a fictional anthropomorphic tender locomotive in The Railway Series books by Rev. Although he can be boastful, he is hard working and strong, and performs his express duties to the absolute best of his ability. He is usually the first choice for special trains, and was honoured to pull the Royal Train when Queen Elizabeth II visited Sodor. In the Railway Series book The Eight Famous Engines, Gordon made headlines when he visited London. He is proud of having been built at Doncaster and his work on the East Coast Main Line in his youth. Gordon was one of the first characters created in The Railway Series, initially to provide a foil for Edward. In actual fact, the reason for this somewhat complicated explanation lies with the early illustrations of the character. Throughout the run of the television show, Gordon is one of the few characters who has maintained the same "angry face" design for all of the seasons. In the television show, Gordon has had two accidents which have probably been the most serious and graphic in the show's run. In the Railway Series story "Gordon Goes Foreign" from The Eight Famous Engines, we find out that Gordon used to work from Kings Cross in London. He was first released in 1986 by using a Triang LNER A1 class tooling with a six-wheeled tender. I managed to get hold of a few Thomas sets and they sold out within seconds of going on sale.

Feel sorry for our struggling model shops who could probably do with a boost in revenues sooner rather than later. After taking months to move the tooling to a new supplier and ready it for production, the existing range can be reintroduced. The main characters of the franchise such as Thomas, Percy and James, were merchandised by Hornby when the Thomas the Tank Engine brand was in its infancy. I've always been against the idea that it's okay to produce half-arsed material- whether they be toys, films, comics or otherwise- just because the target audience comprises children.
The 0-6-0 clockwork Thomas from the 1990s is a model that has next to no detail but is a fairly good representation of the character. CGI-styled faces is one thing (and pretty much a given) but white footplates will really do wonders to some of the older toolings. His great strength means that he is also sometimes called upon for heavy goods trains and rescue operations, but he by far prefers passenger trains.
He particularly dislikes being told about engines who are faster than him, and once lost his dome through trying to compete with City of Truro. Therefore, he never misses an opportunity to talk about his Doncaster brothers and cousins from the London and North Eastern Railway.
Inspiration came from watching locomotives at work on the Great Western Railway near the Rev. His character was very much as it appears in the television series and early Railway Series books.
When he crashed through a terminal station (in Season Five's A Better View for Gordon), his front wheels were torn down from his front. None of the engines have it in the stories, but Gordon's whistle can be heard on Emily in one of the CGI learning segments.
In the book James and the Diesel Engines it is revealed that he used to be "green" when he was young, though whether this refers to his colour, his inexperience or both is unclear. His brother Flying Scotsman was a major character in the book Enterprising Engines, and his cousin Mallard in Thomas and the Great Railway Show. However throughout the 1990's, his model was quietly retired from the range; being produced from 1986 to 1992 and reintroduced again in 1995. We still have a few items including Gordon, wagons and Gordon's brake coach as we sold the composite coaches yesterday. Many of the characters look good when placed alongside real engine classes, a lot of the trucks and vans are excellent, they're great at capturing the looks of the faces and engines like Murdoch, Oliver and Stepney are fantastic.
Nowadays, HiT has been doing their best to unify all aspects of the Thomas brand to make the modern day, CGI Thomas design as iconic as possible. Since the Thomas tooling is never going to be used to make the regular old E2 ever again, they might as well make more changes to the tooling to make it better resemble Thomas. He is sometimes teased by other engines, particularly the smaller ones, and has been known to have a good-natured rivalry with fellow main line engines Henry the Green Engine and James the Red Engine. Awdry constantly sought railway realism in his books, and often argued over the illustrations provided by C. In Gordon Takes a Tumble (Season Six), Gordon had a rollover (the camera showed him tipping to the side for a quick second). He has always had this low tone, except for a single-chime high note in the opening of Engine Roll Call. Although Mallard was indirectly described as Gordon's cousin in Gordon the High Speed Engine, the link was not made when he actually appeared.

A series of models that are relatively thin on detail (so as to reduce costs and the risk of choking) but do a decent job of capturing the looks of the characters is something that Hornby could really do with if they want to bring back the Thomas range. Call me a nutcase, but I don't think it'd be too unreasonable to speculate that "issues with access to the tooling" actually refers to this.
Nevertheless, he is also quick to forgive and sometimes gives advice and assistance to other engines. Awdry's childhood home, in particular from the large locomotives that would have to be assisted up the hill.
His whistle also had several slight modifications-in Season 1, Gordon's whistle had a cone-shaped base, and an unrounded cylinder-shaped bell.
They couldn't care less if Hornby's Thomas model is more accurate to his real life basis; they want a Thomas model to capture the design that they see on all other aspects of the brand. Gordon views himself as the most important engine because he is the biggest (before Murdoch arrived) and he pulls the Express. When a story inspired by this was devised for the young Christopher Awdry, the big engine was named Gordon after a bossy child who lived on the same road.
This companion volume to The Railway Series states that Gordon was built as a test locomotive for the Great Northern Railway.
In an effort to combat this problem, he sent the illustrator a number of photographs of the characters as portrayed on his own model railway. Awdry said in a letter to a young fan that the reason for Gordon's unusual buffer shape was simply that he had broken his round buffers and square ones were all that was available at the Works.
If James' tender has black axleboxes, and Edward's tender has black axleboxes, and all three engines share a tender design, then how can the blue axleboxes on Gordon's tender be seen as anything other than laziness?
Gordon is one of the central characters in the TV series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, which is based on the books.
When the Great Northern Railway had finished with him, they sold him to the Fat Controller for a knockdown price. The model of Gordon was converted into an A3 from a Tri-ang model of a Princess Royal class locomotive. Secondly, it was preserved in the rich blue livery of the Longmoor Military Railway, similar to Gordon's own colour scheme. Give 'em both white footplates plus CGI-styled faces and they'd look quite nice sitting on the shelf of a model shop. And other engines have no business ever being brought back again unless they're redesigned completely. Gordon was rebuilt by the London, Midland and Scottish Railway at Crewe Works with a new chassis designed by William Stanier, the Fat Controller's mentor, who was also responsible for Henry's rebuild. The conversion was not perfect and still retained many of the Princess Royal's features, including the chassis, and so these errors were carried over into subsequent illustrations. All that was needed for the conversion was the addition of a face on the smokebox door and the replacement of the letters "LMR" on the tender with a large number 4.

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