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In a follow-up to Off the Rails and Down the Mine, Thomas and Gordon arrive back at the sheds to discover decorations are being put up.
Description In a follow-up to Off the Rails and Down the Mine, Thomas and Gordon arrive back at the sheds to discover decorations are being put up.
Trevor used to work on farms doing odd jobs like threshing corn and sawing timber, but his owner thought he was old-fashioned and sent him to the scrapyard. Edward luckily befriended him and convincedRev. Sometime after that, Trevor soon had no work to do, so Edward took him to Thomas' junction, where Thomas took him to work at Knapford Harbour. Edward and Trevor once helped the vicar organize a garden party to raise money for a seaside trip for underprivileged children.

In the Railway Series, Trevor was originally painted black with gold boiler bands and chimney cap. In the Televison Series, Trevor is painted dark green with red wheels and lining, a black smokebox and gold boiler bands.
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He has also got a cart stuck twice on a level crossing, both times the load being smashed apart by the oncoming engine. Trevor received a large-scale model alongside George to interact with the Sodor Construction Company road characters.

Trevor now lives in theWellsworth vicarage orchard, but is often borrowed by his driver Jem Cole to do odds jobs and to appear at various events such as steam fairs.
Trevor's flywheel is on the right, however in Best Dressed Engine it moved to the opposite position whether or not it is mirrored footage is unknown.

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