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This was one of the most famous early Dublo sets, partly because it was one of the first "large" Hornby Dublo locomotives, but also because its unfortunate timing ("the train that waited") probably made it one of the most anticipated train sets, ever. The set was originally announced and advertised in Meccano Ltd.'s publications in 1939, just before the outbreak of World War Two, but it didn't quite manage to go into production before the shutdown in toymaking at the commencement of WW2, with the result that people who wanted to buy the train set didn't get a chance to see one until a few years after hostilities had ended, nearly a decade later. By this time, some of the original would-be buyers would have been grown-up, and others would have been casualties of the fighting. It might seem surprising that Hornby Dublo didn't get back into its development stride until 1948, considering that WW2 had ended in '45, but after WW2, industry then faced further metal shortages and war work because of the Korean War. The Coaches are modelled on the very latest LMS standard corridor stock used for main line working. Brighton Toy and Model Museum is a World-class repository and display environment for early toys and models situated under Brighton Railway Station, on England's South Coast.
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The components comprise the locomotive and coaches of a typical express train in its characteristic red livery. One of them is a first-third, and the other a brake-third with guard's and luggage accommodation at the rear end.
The museum is a Registered Charity (1001560), and depends on volunteers, ticket sales, donations and bequests.
The Locomotive, "Duchess of Atholl", is a splendid reproduction of one of the non-streamlined "Duchess" class. These Coaches are particularly attractive; they have real cut-out windows glazed with celluloid inside.
How To Download Layout Design Plans PDF for Sale.Hornby Model Railway Layouts hornby model railway layouts for sale oo model railway layouts model railway tips 00 gauge layouts how to build a model railway model railway layouts for sale hornby train layouts model railway trackHornby Model Railway Layouts These trains are respectively the largest Hornby Model Railway Layouts-5.
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