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A post-war Hornby Dublo EDP12 passenger train set, including a green LMS 4-6-2 "Duchess of Montrose" Duchess Class locomotive, running number 46232 (built as 6232). The set also includes two dark red carriages with grey roofs, numbers M 4193 and M26143, and track.
When Hornby launched their two-rail system, the original Duchess-Class loco selected for the two-rail version of the "Montrose" model was 46245 City of London, finished in red. Brighton Toy and Model Museum is a World-class repository and display environment for early toys and models situated under Brighton Railway Station, on England's South Coast.
A Britain State Open Road Landau, Royal coach, number 9402, in cast metal, complete with figures of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, lead cast horses, footmen and liveried coachmen, together with various further figures including guardsmen, bandsmen and sentry boxes, boxed. A collection of Marvel character figures, including the Ghost Rider, number 22, Thor, number 15, Captain Britain, number 21, Captain America, the Silver Surfer, Dr Doom, Spider Man, Mr Fantastico, Blade, The Thing, Magneto, and Punisher. A Schuco, US Zone Germany, clockwork tin plate clown dancing with a mouse, with felt clothing, 11cm high, boxed, complete with key and a further clockwork figure of a tumbling mouse, probably Schuco, 10cm high. A Whitanco clockwork tin plate car, circa 1920s, painted in yellow with a red grille and stripe to the bonnet, chauffeur at the wheel, printed mark to boot, 13cm long.
A quantity of Corgi, Mattel, and Lledo models of lorries, buses and other vehicles, including Corgi Original Omnibus company Limited Editions, Corgi Classics including AEC Regal Wye Valley Motors coach, a Corgi AEC Regal Coach, Lledo Days Gone collections, a Lledo North Yorkshire Moors Railway set, number NYMR1002 and Mattel Cameo Collections. A German tinplate steam engine in the form of a tin-mine, circa 1900, with spirit burner, and J F, horizontal cylinder, 21 by 25 by 36cm high. A Lima train set, number 103406, OO guage inter city 215, a wooden service station with Perkins Engines logo and named Stephen's Motors Ltd, and a collection of Dinky, late Matchbox, and Corgi vehicles. A Beatties of London good train set, Dock Authority, diesel electric shunter, boxed, Hornby Triang engine and rolling stock, a quantity of track, two power boxes and accessories.
A matchbox Thunderbirds 2 space rocket with Thunderbirds 4 capsule, complete with Thunderbirds 4 inside, together with ten matchbox collection card vehicles, a Models of Yesteryear 1943 MG-TC, a matchbox American Editions Thunderbird, a Matchbox Surf 2 vehicle with trailer and a Kellogg's van. A quantity of boxed vehicles including a Lledo Days Gone, a Vanguards Bedford S Type tanker, a Burago Ferrari F40, a Coronation Street Limited edition truck, Pepsi Cola truck, H Samuel, Darling Buds of May, Britains Limited Edition tractor 5892, Britains Honda ATV 9401, Ringtons Classic collection vehicles, Mack Coca Cola truck, two Joal Compact excavators, a DCM classic car set, a Corgi Brum 93500 in packaging, and a glass racing car, 39 boxed, 17 loose. A Triang mechanical shovel or crane and a small collection of wooden and other toys, together with a Christmas table runner. A Corgi, Russells of Bathgate, Guy Invincible platform trailer and load, number 29202, a Corgi Classics Russell of Bathgate ERF KV eight Wheeler platform lorry and trailer, number 11301,a Corgi Limited Edition London Brick Company Limited truck and a London Brick Company Limited Trader tipper, number 30102, and a group of Corgi vehicles, comprising a Slumberland Thames Trader, number 30301, a Classic Commercials from Corgi, Bedford, Northern Collection, number 97085, and a Classics Commercial Bedford Howell's Pantechnicon, number 97195, all in original boxes. A Corgi Limited edition set, 'The Final Chapter - Brian Harris Transport Ltd, (Harris and Miners), number CC99131, a commercial classics from Corgi, Limited edition AEC Recal and Bedford OB coach, number 97070, and a Corgi Classics D M Smith of Wishaw Atkinson four Wheel Platform Lorry, Number 28101, together with a group of Corgi vehicles, comprising the Railway Express Agency 52801, a Suttons of Cornwall, AEC MKV eight wheel platform lorry and container, number CC 11507, and a Pickfords ERF V Low loader, number CC10202, all in original boxes. A Corgi Jean Richard Circus Collection, including ring master, elephant, human cannon, horse, trapeze artist, and gorilla, complete and boxed, together with a group of Corgi Classics Fairground vehicles, comprising an Atkinson eight wheel rigid truck and trailer with loads set, number 27602, an ERF Dodgem Truck and box trailer set, number 09901, and an ERF Box Van - Showman's Caravan - VW Van, number 31702, all in original boxes.
A quantity of Amerada Hess models, 1996-2004, all boxed, comprising Toy Truck and Helicopter, Recreation Van, Toy Truck and Space Shuttle with Satellite, Emergency Tank, Helicopter with Motorcycle and Cruiser, Toy Truck and Airplane, Sport Utility Vehicle and Motorcycles, and a 2002 Miniature Hess Voyager.
A quantity of Die Cast vehicles comprising thirty-five Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, three Lledo Days Gone, eleven unboxed Lledo vehicles, and a boxed 1:24 scale Welly Mercedes Benz C-Class. A quantity of toy vehicles, some boxed, together with a small collection of model phone boxes and other model and miniature items.
A quantity of model cars including a Maisto Shell Jaguar XJ220 (1992), boxed, Shell sports car selection, Maisto and Matchbox together with twelve Beatrix Potter books.
A Noddy Corgi aeroplane, together with a Canon Camera World Cup limited edition, a Beswick West Highland Terrier, 15 by 12cm and a Royal Doulton figure of Tinkerbell from Peter Pan, boxed. A quantity of Atlas, die cast models of warships, including the HMS Ark Royal, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS Hood, Prinz Eugen, Scharnhorst, the Bismark, the Admiral Graf Spee, the IJN Yamamoto, the USS Missouri, The USS Lexington and the USS Hornet, complete with accompanying pamphlets together with a Corgi Lancaster and Vulcan, both boxed. A quantity of boxed die-cast model vehicles with makes including Corgi Classics, Lledo and Matchbox. A quantity of Matchbox Specials, all boxed, including two Porsche 959s, one numbered 44 in black and yellow Bilstein Bosch colours the other also Bilstein Bosche in yellow and blue, numbered 53, a Lancia Rally, a Behr Racing Pro-Stocker, Kremer Porsche, a Chevrolet Camaro Turbo, an NGK Pro-Stocker Chevrolet, a Zakspeed Mustang, and a Ferrari 512BB, together with two super value packs, a BMW750il, Jaguar XJ6 gift set KS808, and a K15 bus, 1234-Chesterfield Parish Church-1984.

This 2-rail 4MT BR Standard Tank is featured in BR black livery and running number of 80033.
This all metal construction power control unit is the perfect period controller for your 2 or 3 rail Dublo layout.
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Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDP12 Passenger set consisting of 4-6-2 Loco and Tender "Duchess of Montrose" BR green No.46232 together with 2 x Passenger Coaches and a small quantity of 3-rail track.
Hornby Dublo 3-rail Goods set consisting of a 2-6-4 Tank Loco BR black No.80054 together with Saxa Salt, BR Open Wagon, Cattle Truck, Bolster Wagon and a Brake Van together with a small quantity of 3-rail tinplate track. Hornby Dublo 2 and 3-rail Goods and Passenger Rolling Stock consisting of Urban Coaches x 11, Midland Coach, BR Restaurant Car, Western Region Restaurant Car and 2 others together with 3 x Trix 8-wheeled LNER Passenger Coaches.
Hornby Dublo Railway Accessories and other items a quantity consisting of D1 Level Crossings x 4, Signal Box, TPO, 2 x transformers and a box of curved track, condition is generally Good to Excellent in Poor to Good boxes. Hornby Dublo 2 and 3-rail Track and Accessories consisting of 3-rail D1 Turntables x 2, Good Plus to Excellent in Fair to Good boxes, 3-rail curved track x 80+, points x 3, Footbridge, Island Platform, Signals x 2, Buffer Stop, Water Crane, together with 2-rail track including boxed points x 10, 2701 straights x 3 boxes, 2710 curved x 1 box and a small quantity of other items.
Hornby Railways a quantity of Passenger Coaches consisting of Intercity x 4, LNER x 3, SR, LMS x 2, BR x 2, Great Western and 2 x Pullman Coaches together with 3 other items. Hornby Railways and other Commercial manufacturers Station Buildings a quantity including Engine Shed, 2 x Station Buildings, 3 x Industrial Buildings, Girder Bridge, Platform Canopies x 3, Goods Depot, 2 x Single Road Engine Shed and a quantity of other items.
Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDP22 Passenger Train Set "Royal Scot" consisting of Duchess of Montrose BR 46232 Locomotive and Tender, 2 x BR(M) Coaches and Track, generally Excellent, locomotive has some chipping mainly to lining on locomotive side, in Good original set box, some wear and splits and taping to corners, with instruction booklet and a Hornby Dublo rail layout booklet.
Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDG7 Tank Goods Set consisting of 0-6-2 LMS Tank Locomotive 6917, sans serif lettering, black, BR(E) 12-ton Open Wagon, LMS Goods Van and BR(W) Park Royal Brake Van and Track, generally Excellent, contained in original set box, Good Plus but with reproduction card inserts holding track, with Hornby Dublo controller booklet, tested label and 2 other small items of paperwork. Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3233 Co-Bo Diesel electric Locomotive BR D5713, Excellent, in original blue striped box, Good, with large label to one end numbered 27518 and small label to other end with same number. Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3232 Co-Co Diesel electric Locomotive, Good to Good Plus, in original blue striped box, Good. Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3235 Dorchester BR 34042 Locomotive and Tender, Good Plus with a little retouching to front buffer beam and buffers, in original blue striped box, Fair, worn.
Hornby Dublo 3-rail City of Liverpool BR 46247, Good to Good Plus, a little wear to nameplates. Hornby Dublo 3-rail EDL7 0-6-2 LNER 9596 Tank Locomotive, green, Excellent, contained in plain dark blue box with correct "NE" sticker to end, Good but somewhat faded.
Hornby Dublo 3-rail 3231 0-6-0 Diesel electric Shunter, plastic bodied, Good a little wear to decals and cab side numbering, in original blue striped box, Fair.
Hornby Dublo 3-rail 2 x L30 1000bhp Diesel electric Locomotives BR D8000, both Good Plus, in original blue striped boxes, Fair to Good, together with EDL17 0-6-2 BR 69567 Tank Locomotive, Good Plus, in plain dark blue box with sticker to end "matt finish", Good to Fair. Hornby Dublo 3-rail a collection of 8 x Wagons including Royal Daylight Tank, Esso Tank, Power Ethyl Tank (note significant retouching to tank), Shell Lubricating Oil, Bogie Bolster, Flat Truck with BICC cable load, Cattle Truck and High-Sided Wagon, generally Excellent, boxes are Good to Fair, some lacking end flaps. Hornby Dublo 3-rail a collection of 8 x assorted Wagons including Power Ethyl Tank, Royal Daylight Tank, Esso Tank (in pale blue box), Esso Tank, BR(E) Horse Box, Coal Wagon, Goods Brake Van and Mineral Wagon steel type, generally Excellent, boxes Good with some wear.
Hornby Dublo 3-rail a collection of 6 x assorted Wagons including SR Meat Van, Animal Wagon, Horse Box BR(E), Brake Van and 2 x Low-Sided Wagon with BR container loads, generally Excellent. Hornby Dublo 3-rail a collection of 8 x assorted Wagons including Power Ethyl Tank, Esso Tank, Mobil Tank, Royal Daylight Tank, 20-ton Tube Open, Low-Sided Wagon with BICC cable load, Goods Brake Van and Mineral Wagon steel type, generally Good to Good Plus, in Good to Fair boxes, some incomplete. Hornby Dublo 3-rail a collection of 10 x assorted Wagons including 2 x Brick Bogie Wagons: one LNER, the other BR, 20-ton Brake Van, all Excellent, boxes are Good Plus to Excellent, Esso Tank (silver), Esso Tank (yellow), Power Petrol and Low-Sided Wagon, all Good to Good Plus, in Fair boxes, and Mobil Tank and 2 x Bogie Bolster, all Good, unboxed. Hornby Dublo 3-rail a collection of 8 x assorted Wagons including NE Brick Bogie Wagon, BR Brick Bogie Wagon, Esso Tank (in pale blue box), Power Petrol Tank, Low-Sided Wagon with BR container load, 20-ton Brake Van (in pale blue box), Ventilated Van and Low-Sided Wagon, generally Good Plus, boxes are Good. Hornby Dublo 3-rail a collection of 5 x pre-grouping Wagons including 2 x SR Meat Van, LMS Meat Van, LMS Goods and LMS Coal Wagon, all Good Plus to Excellent, boxes are Good Plus.

Hornby Dublo 3-rail a collection of 5 x NE Wagons including 2 x Fish, Goods Van (pale blue box), Coal Wagon and High-Sided Coal Wagon (pale blue box), generally Excellent, boxes are Good, together with a GWR Cattle Truck (in pale blue box), Excellent, box is Good to Fair. Hornby Dublo a collection of 14 x 3-rail Wagons including: Tank Wagons Royal Daylight and Mobilgas Vacuum, 2 x 12-ton Coal Wagons, 5-plank Wagon, Flat Wagon with cable load, 2 x 12-ton Goods Van, 20-ton Goods Van, Insul Meat Ventilated Van, Animal Wagon, LMS Goods Van, 20-ton Brake Van BR(E) and a plastic wheeled Grain Hopper Wagon, generally Good Plus to Excellent.
Hornby Dublo a collection of 3 x 3-rail Diesel Outline Locomotives including: 2 x Co-Co Diesels and 1 x 6-wheel Diesel Shunter D3763, together with 2-rail or converted to 2-rail Co-Co Diesel, power chassis lacks side parts and 2 x 0-6-0 Diesel Shunters, both repainted, generally Fair. Hornby Dublo a collection of assorted Steam Outline Locomotives including: 2 x A4 Class Streamlined Locomotives, both repainted, Duchess of Atholl, Poor and Duchess of Montrose, Fair to Good with new nameplate, together with 4 bodies only for Duchess of Montrose (one lacking nameplates) and 2 bodies only for Duchess of Atholl, all Fair. Hornby Dublo 2 x 2-rail Diesel Outline Locomotives: 2232 Co-Co Diesel Locomotive British Railways and 2233 Co-Bo Diesel Locomotive D5702, both are Good, boxes are Fair to Good, together with 3-rail L30 1000bhp Bo-Bo Diesel, Fair to Good, box is Fair. Hornby Dublo a collection of 5 x Steam Outline Locomotives including: A4 Pacific Mallard, Good Plus, another A4 Pacific repainted and converted to 2-rail, Duchess of Athol, City of London and Duchess of Montrose, generally Fair.
Hornby Dublo 2 x 2-rail Tank Locomotives: 2218 2-6-4 BR 80054, Fair, box is Poor and 2217 0-6-2 BR 69567, matt, Good to Fair, box is Good to Fair, together with 0-6-2 BR 69567 Tank Locomotive, Fair and a Bristol Castle, Fair.
Hornby Dublo 2-rail 2235 Barnstaple Locomotive and Tender, Good to Fair, box is Good to Fair, together with a Wrenn 4-6-2 LMS 6274 City of Stoke-on-Trent, Locomotive is Excellent, with added suspension part to front bogie.
Hornby Dublo 2 x L30 1000bhp Bo-Bo Diesels, both Good, boxes are Fair to Good, one with plain label to end 37134 and 2232 Co-Co Diesel Locomotive British Rail, Good, box is Good to Fair.
Hornby Dublo EDL18 2-6-4 BR 80054 Tank Locomotive, Good Plus, box is Good Plus, together with EDL12 Duchess of Montrose, Good with Tender, both boxed, boxes are Good.
Hornby Dublo 3 x 3-rail 0-6-2 Tank Locomotives: LMS 6917, black, one side worn and re-decaled, LNER 9596, black, Good Plus, another LNER 9596, Fair with replacement brass centre Pick-up, together with L30 1000bhp Bo-Bo Diesel D8000, Good to Fair in Good to Fair box with plain sticker number to end 31556. Hornby Dublo 4 x 2-rail Locomotives: LMS 6231 Duchess of Atholl, Good Plus (converted to 2-rail), 2-8-0 BR 48073, Good Plus, 2231 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter D3302, Good, box is Fair and 2207 0-6-0 BR 31340 Tank Locomotive, plastic body Good, box is Poor. Hornby Dublo a collection of assorted Accessories including: D1 through station, 2 x D1 level crossing, 2 x D1 turntable, 4 x ES6 colour light signals, D1 footbridge, D1 signals, EUBER electrically operated uncoupling rail, 2 x D1 buffer stops, D1 water crane and a few other items, generally Good Plus, all boxed.
Hornby Dublo a collection of Stations and other items including a pre-war goods platform, red roof, Good, D1 island platform, Good Plus, box is Good, 2 x D1 signal cabins, one Excellent, the other Good, boxes are Good (2 different styles) and a TPO Mail Van set, Excellent, box is Good. Hornby Dublo 2 x 0-6-0 BR Tank Locomotives: 31340, green and another re-decaled, black, both are Good to Fair, together with 2-rail Wagons SD6 20-ton Bulk Grain, SD6 8-ton Cattle and SD6 Goods Van MR, 2 sets of buffer stops boxed, isolated points switched boxed and a Wrenn Eskimo Goods Van, Wrenn 1st edition catalogue dated 1973 and an instruction manual for Wrenn Locomotives. Hornby Dublo 3 x 2-rail Locomotives: 2-8-0 BR 48073 8F Class, 4-6-0 Great Western 4075 Cardiff Castle and BR Co-Bo Diesel D5702, all Good. Hornby Dublo 4 x 2-rail Locomotives: A4 Class repainted as LNER 4463 Sparrowhawk, LMS Pacific repainted as City of London 6245, Bo-Bo 1000bhp Diesel D8017, Good and 0-6-0 BR 31337 plastic bodied Tank Locomotive, Good.
The train set has its original box, with the set's details on a large yellow rounded-cornered sticker. All of the streamliners in this class were eventually converted to this more conventional configuration.
The museum is a Registered Charity (1001560), and depends on volunteers, ticket sales, donations and bequests. Paddy" BR D9001, Good Plus, contained in original blue striped box with yellow colour illustrated lid, Fair to Good, taped, with guarantee certificate.
Belgorod, August 1943, together with a Corgi AFS Bedford CA Personnel Carrier, no 05604, together with a Scammell Highwayman tanker number 16304, a Suttons, Atkinson tractor unit 28001 with flat trailer and an FB Atkins eight wheel truck and trailer with loads set, number 27601, all in original boxes. Gamble, B,Ham' in gold coloured lettering and number plate MN771, made circa 1975, in a perspex display case with a stained pine base.

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