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Now fondly remembered by enthusiasts the BR blue period seemed quite drab at the time, as BR finally managed to forge a consistent corporate image. Although Virgin have now disposed of their HSTs (replacing them with the dreaded Voyager), they can still be seen in daily service with GNER, Midland Mainline and First Great Western. Charlesworth's Virgin liveried power car is currently rather poorly, emitting an alarming squealing sound and the smell of burning plastic whenever it is run.
Subsequent artists used their own models, adapting the pictures for the sake of consistency. So far I've been referring to these books as thought there were only one versions - the 1960s version. I wonder if the original target audinece were aware of the nostalgic, retrospective feel to them when they first came out? For example, originally the key-word symbol was a white key towards the bottom left of the books. Following the end of steam many diesel classes gained their own dedicated following as the 'non-standard' classes were slated for withdraw.

Recently the appearance has been improved by the introduction of scale-length Mk3 coaches, replacing the old models which were underlength to negotiate first radius curves. Requires 1 8-pin and 1 6-pin decoder for DCC operation in order to control the directional lighting on both cars. Most memorably, they once used a 2-coach set as cover for an unavailable class 158 DMU, meaning every Hornby train set is now prototypically accurate! As ever the only constant on the railway scene of the 1970s and 80s was the change and this group includes the first railfreight grey liveries, a precursor of business sector liveries to come. This is interesting, as the full-sized cars carried a lighter red paint scheme (variously described as Tuscan red or Venetian red) when built. Like all Tri-ang Transcontinental models of the period, they carried Tri-ang Railways lettering over the side windows. The body colour and lettering changed over the period the models were in production and there are three distinct versions.
The last models produced wore the lighter red with a return to the small lettering.The NSW coat-of-arms had been used by various government agencies from the colonial days of the 1870s.

The coat-of-arms carried the inscription Orta Recens Quam Pura Nites – which can be translated as ‘Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine’.
The coat-of-arms appeared on the Sputnik models with circular gold backing onto the red body colour, probably to make for better sighting. The prototype cars, however, originally carried the coat-of-arms placed directly onto the red body colour, and it was not until late 1968 that the real life Sputnik cars began to carry the coat-of-arms on a white oval backing placed onto the red bodywork. On the other hand, they had just been introduced when Richard Lines, from the factory in the UK, visited Moldex and may well have been chosen simply because they were ‘new’.

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