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The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.If you continue without changing these settings, you consent to this - but if you want, you can turn cookies off on this website by clicking here. Hornby Railways R020 Shell Tank Wagon, Triang Hornby R577 Converter Wagon, R564 Bulk Cement Wagon, conditions Good to Good Plus in Good Plus boxes, quantity of model railway catalogues by Replica Railways, Bachmann, Hornby, Dapol, mostly late issues from 1997 onwards, other model literature includes Ramsey British Train Catalogues 1, 2 and 3, History of British Dinky Toys 1934 to 64, An Appreciation of Kitmaster and Airfix Railway Kits and Triang Hornby Book of Trains, conditions Good to Excellent, the lot also includes a quantity of Hornby Dublo and Meccano reproduction catalogues. Triang Hornby RS70 clockwork Dock Master Train Set comprising 040 black Tank Locomotive and 2 x Goods Vehicles, R495 Single Track Level Crossing (unchecked for completeness), RT44 Lever Frame Section, conditions Fair to Good in Fair to Good boxes, small quantity of Super 4 Track, 3 x black Switches, Platform Canopy Section, 2 x Coloured Light Signals, the lot also includes small quantity of Buildings, Footbridge, Level Crossing, Girder Bridge, Tunnel, Animals and Figures, conditions Fair, H&M Safety Minor Control Unit and Triang Railways P45 Power Controller, both untested, Triang Hornby Catalogue Edition 18, Triang Railways Catalogue 1978, 2 x Track Plans Fleischmann 1977 Catalogue, condition Fair.
Hornby Dublo a quantity of track and pointwork including 22+ hand operated points, various track lengths including curves, straights etc 7 x buffer stops, 3 x hand operated signals, conditions Poor to Good, also included small quantity of Trix Twin Manyways Station Sections, conditions Poor to Fair. A quantity of Kitbuilt and Proprietary Loco and Tender bodies including Hornby Railways B12, Silverlink, Triang Railways Britannia, Standard 5, Bec Kit Director, unknown A3 Kit, unknown plastic tank body, all are loco bodies, tenders include Director, B12, A3, A2, plus A4 and B12 tender tops only, some tender wheels to EM Gauge, conditions Fair to Excellent. A group of unmade Kits and Signals plus other accessories including Airfix Water Tower, Telegraph Poles, Playcraft Goods Shed, Faller Viaduct, Heljan Water Mill, Britains Tree, Truscale Trees, plus other Lineside Kits, all are unchecked for completeness but look in Good condition, 9 x coloured light signals from various manufacturers, 2 x Merit accessory boxes, Liliput box containing various figures, conditions Fair to Good, the lot also includes Hornby Dublo 2235 empty West Country Barnstaple box, repair label to one end and Triang Railways R153 0-6-0 Saddle Tank box, conditions Fair to Good. Mainline Railways Rolling Stock all modified to EM Gauge comprising 0-6-2 LNER black N2 Tank Locomotive, 2 x LMS maroon Panel Coaches, Bogie Well Wagon, 3 x Tank Wagons, 5 x Private Owner Open Wagons, 2 x Container Wagons, LMS Open Wagon, Private Owner Vent Van, BR Brake Van, conditions are generally Good to Excellent in Good to Excellent boxes.
Hornby Dublo 0-6-0 BR green 08 Class Diesel Shunter (2-rail) damage to loco cab and buffer beams, modified 2-rail Hornby Dublo N2 0-6-2 Tank Locomotive with modifications to boiler and bunker height, assembled Airfix 4-wheel Railcar (motorised), conditions Poor to Good. A quantity of Kitbuilt Goods Rolling Stock to EM Gauge standard comprising 5 x Cattle Wagon, 8 x Goods Van, 30 x Open Wagon, 2 x Brake Van, Bogie Bolster Wagon, 4 x Flat Wagons, Tar Wagon, Lime Wagon, all have been weathered, conditions Fair to Good. A quantity of Kitbuilt Passenger and Goods Rolling Stock to EM Gauge standard comprising 13 x Goods Van, 5 x Cattle Wagons, 12 x Open Wagons, 3 x LNER teak Suburban Passenger Coaches (2 without roofs), LNER Gresley all 3rd Coach, conditions Fair to Good.
A group of unboxed Rolling Stock by Triang, Hornby Railways and Wrenn, comprising 4 x brown and cream Passenger Coaches, 2 x brown and cream short Clerestory Coaches, 4 x SR green Passenger Coaches, Royal Mail Operating Coach, blue and grey Composite Coach, Murgatroyds Bogie Tank Wagon, Track Cleaning Car, 3 x Bogie Well Wagons, Bogie Bolster Wagon, 3 x Cattle Wagons, 7 x Box Vans, 3 x Brake Vans, 2 x Tank Wagons, 11 x Open Wagons, Lime Wagon, 3 x Container Wagons, 3 x Flat Wagons, conditions generally Good to Good Plus. Gaugemaster 2 x panel mounted controller with simulator and brakes, twin pack panel mounted controller, twin track panel mounted controller (early style), hand held controller, 4 x H&M Relco track cleaners, all are untested but appear unused in Excellent condition. Hornby Railways R577 Freightmaster Set comprising Co-Co BR large logo blue Class 37, 6 x Goods Vehicles, oval of track and R912 controller (untested), conditions Good to Excellent in Fair box. Hornby Railways Station Master Electric Train Set (no rolling stock but complete with station, footbridge, oval of track), also included from same series, signal box and village station, conditions Good to Excellent in Fair to Good Plus box, also included 4 x nickel silver metre length of flexi track, conditions Fair to Good. A group of accessories and kits comprising Hornby Railways 2 x R202 Junction Signal Kit, 2 x R201 Home and Distant Signal Kit, 2 x R089 Signal Extension Set, 4 x R083 Buffer Stop, 2 x R394 Hydraulic Buffer Stop, 2 x R635 Double Track Level Crossing, 2 x R086 Single Signal Set, R511 Waiting Room, 3 x R659 3 High Level Piers, R658 7 Inclined Piers, all are unchecked for completeness but look in Excellent condition, 6 x R460 Straight Platform Section, Airfix Kits 2 x Detached Bungalow, Platform Canopy, Signal Gantry, Kiosks and Steps, all unchecked for completeness but appear in Excellent condition. Rovex OO Gauge Pacific set consisting of 0-6-2 Loco and Tender BR black Princess Elizabeth No.46201 fitted with a plunger type mechanism. OO Gauge Hornby Railways accessories consisting of Zero 1 Master Control Unit R950, R410 Operating Turntable, R504 Engine Shed and R505 Water Tower.
Trix Twin 3-rail Rolling Stock track and accessories including 4 x crimson and cream short Passenger Coaches (2 x Brake and 2 x Restaurant Cars), 2 x maroon Suburban Coaches, 3 x LMS short maroon Coaches, LNER teak Scalelength Brake Coach, 6 x Goods Vehicles (Brake Van, 4 x Open and 1 x Shell Oil Tanker, Bogie Bolster Wagon, Crane Truck complete with Riding Truck, 2 x electric Distant Signals, along with large quantity of track which includes points, straight, curves and 15 x switches, 5 x 14v controllers (untested), Hornby Dublo 3-rail Esso Royal Daylight Tanker, electrically operated Junction Signal, Loading Gauge and Water Crane, the lot also includes a small quantity of Trix Gazette Magazines, conditions range from Fair to Good.
OO Gauge a group of Hugar wooden buildings and accessories comprising Station in 3 sections which includes centre building section and 2 outer platform sections, Gantry Signal Box, Footbridge, set of station steps, conditions generally Good, the lot also includes metal single track Level Crossing, two gates detached, one gate missing and one post missing, condition Fair. Trix Twin 3-rail a quantity Bakelite track and pointwork and including 2 x boxes pairs of electric points, box containing single electric points, 3 x boxes of pair of hand operated points, 2 x boxes of curved track, 6 x boxes of straight track, box of quarter straights, 2 x boxes of pairs of buffer stop rail, single buffer stop rail, conditions generally Good in generally Good boxes, also included large quantity of straight and curved sections including buffer stop rails, 3 x electric points, short straights and quarter curves, conditions Fair to Good. Trix Twin 3-rail Cadet Train set containing 0-4-0 black Tank Loco and 2 x Passenger Coaches plus 0-4-0 black Tank Loco and 4 x Goods Vehicles along with oval of fibre sleeper track, mains controller and battery controller plus instruction booklet, conditions Fair to Good in Poor to Fair box. Hornby Zero 1 Master Control Unit in original box together with card Lineside Buildings and Island Platform Building, Footbridges etc and 14 x Peco 1 metre flexible track (5 x concrete sleeper and 9 x wooden sleeper), the lot also includes 3 x points, metal news-paper kiosk, level crossing and other items, conditions Fair to Good.

Marklin HO 3-rail 4-wheel Railcar with unpowered Trailer, small quantity of 3-rail stud type track including 3 x points and various curved and straight sections, conditions Fair to Good. OO Gauge Crescent Pushalong 0-6-2 Class N2 Tank Loco with British Railways to tank sides and No.46917 to bunker sides, loco is unpainted and without buffers and couplings, conditions Fair. Miscellaneous Rolling Stock and wooden buildings etc comprising Hornby Dublo 2-rail unboxed 4076 BR maroon 6-wheeled Passenger Brake (Stove), centre wheels have been removed along with one plastic coupling and both rubber coupling securing tubes, sides and roof are Good Plus to Excellent, other OO Gauge Rolling Stock consists of Airfix kitbuilt 4-wheel Railbus, Kitbuilt Cattle Wagon and unknown make Interfrigo Refrigerator Van, conditions Fair to Good, Hornby Railways Musical Church (one roof section detached), Water Tower, wooden and other material buildings consist of houses, cottage, shop, windmill, diesel storage tank and 3 x wooden boats, conditions Fair to Good. Railway Videos a quantity with titles, Decades of Steam 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, Steam on 35mm for the 1930s, 40s and 50s, Volume 2 - both with John Huntley, British Steam in the 1950s and 60s Volume 1, British Steam in the 1950s & 60s. Meccano Magazines a quantity from 1946-1956 x 45 all with front and back covers, some with sellotape repairs but generally Good together with 11 copies larger size from the 1960s and 70s. Rail Scene Videos Volumes 1-40 including Class 150 DMUs, Wembley Crash, Cab Ride Hastings, West Coast Mainline Euston to Liverpool, Paddington to Bristol, Great Western Mainline, Settle to Carlisle and a quantity of others.
Railway hardback books by Ian Allan, SLP, David & Charles and others with titles, The Southern Electric Story, Model Railway Constructor Annual 1983, Model Railway Engines, Railways since 1939, Down the Line to Southend amongst other titles. Railway hard and softback books by Ian Allan, David & Charles, Collins and others with titles, British Rail Scrap Book 1953, Train Now Departing, Great Western Steam in Camera, The Great Western Railway in the 1930s and a quantity of others. Continental and American Railway Books by St Michael, Barnes, New English Library and a number of others with titles Encyclopaedia of Railways, Classic Steam, Rail Roads of the North America, Pictorial History of Trains and a quantity of other titles including Jane's World Railways 1983 - 1984. Railway hard and softback books by Ian Allan, Guild Publishing, Bloomsbury Books quantity of other Publishers with titles Southern Then and Now, London Underground, Great Western Coaches, Metro Memories, The Golden Years of Metropolitan Railway amongst other titles, condition varies but generally Good to Excellent.
Bradshaw's July 1922 Railway Guide dated 1986 together with Railway Buildings by Cecil J Allan, Model Railway Constructor Volume 3 1936, Railway Wonders of the World Volumes 1 & 2 and 2 other copies. Quantity of Scrap Books all with a number of articles on Vintage Model Railways including Hornby Dublo Bassett-Lowke and other Railways from the Pre and Post-war period with articles from Collectors Gazette and reports from Auction Houses Christies and Sotherbys, Barry Potters and a number of others. Model Railway hard and softback books by Ian Allan, Cassell, Map and others with titles Model Railway Constructor Annual 1979-1986, Outdoor Model Railways, Modelling The Old Time Railways, The Miniature World of Henry Greenlee, The Model Railway News Volume 1 1925, Model Railways by Henry Greenlee second impression dated November 29, 3rd Edition dated December 1935, Model Electric Locomotives and Railways by Henry Greenlee dated 1927, Lets Stick Together, Model Railways and a quantity of other titles.
Railway hardback books by St Michael, Studio Editions, Select Editions and a number of others with titles The World's Great Railway Journeys, Modern Locomotives, The Ultimate Encyclopaedia Steam & Rail, Railway Facts and Feats, Railways The Pioneer Years, The Collectors Book of Railroadiana and a quantity of others. Bus, Tram and Trolleybus hard and soft back books by Unwin, PSL and other Publishers with titles Buses, Trolleys and Trams, British Trolleybus Systems, British Tramways, The History of Electric Locomotives, The Golden Age of Tramways and a quantity of others. Railway hard and softback books by Bracken Books, OPC, Atlantic and other Publishers with titles Railway Relics and Regalia, Train and Transport, Private Owner Wagons from the Gloucestershire Railway Carriage and Wagon Company, The Big Four in Colour 1935-50, Railways in Camera 1860-1913, Railway and Tramway Tickets, British Locomotives of the 20th Century and a number of other titles, condition varies, generally Excellent. Railway hard back books by SLP, Ian Allan, David and Charles and other Publishers with titles R Home Railways Volume 1, Volume 2, Narrowgauge Railways of the British Isles, British Railways Today and Tomorrow, Narrowgauge Adventure, London's Lost Railways, The Southern Electric Story and a quantity of others. Meccano Magazines a quantity consisting of 1946 (1), 1947 (5), 1948, 1949, 1950 (11), 1951 (8), 1952-1957 inclusive, 1958 (1). Some time ago I wrote an article on the Triang Arkitex and mentioned back then that I remembered the sets having red girders and I quote “Back in the early sixties when I was a small lad, I remember having a girder building kit, for years it eluded me as to what it was until a few years ago after seeing the Triang Arkitex online, it seemed familiar but in the deep corridors of my memory I thought the girders were red, maybe I was getting mixed up with the Matchbox girder truck, it was 50 years ago I had these. When I removed the lid over 50 years of time rolled back and there I was six years old again. The red girders as I remember them and the thin moulded panels, this was it, this is what I had.
This was one I never had but made sense to add to the previous set, in time I will post some pictures of it made up but until then leave you with the pictures of these unique and possibly rare construction sets.

These sets were manufactured in the UK by Chad Valley and sold up until the middle 1990s when it was discontinued. In the UK, Kenner licensed the Girder and Panel brand to the nearly 100 year-old toy company, Chad Valley. One history says that Chad Valley were taken over by Palitoys in 1978 and Woolworth’s in 1988, though apparently continuing to use the trademark.
Kenner sets are more often blue coloured girders but are from the same mouldings, the panels do differ but would fit in with the Chad Valley sets.
There is also a new company called Bridge Street Toys which seem to be making the parts again, to check it out Click Here or on the link below. Although I have done an article on Roadmasters before, since then many new trucks have been added to the collection. The cab style was already in use for the modern army series from 1957 and obviously adapted for these artic trucks.
Although the trailer casting went on until 1976 as various tanker liveries the cab unit was replaced with another type in 1969 and became 1281 milk tanker and 1291 Esso petrol tanker seen with RM10 below. Produced between 1969 and 1972,  number 1285 became the open bulk carrier in 1973 until around 1976, I have yet to find one of these trailers.
I actually have no real truck information on these ones other than it’s an Austin, possibly a ‘Loadstar’ and produced back in 1957, it did continue for quite some years into the 1960?s, if you know more about these trucks then please contact me. Crescent toys mobile rocket launcher number 126, this was produced in army green and also civilian colours red and green with a yellow rocket. The rocket on this example should be white, so not sure whether this has been issued this way or added to the vehicle at a later date.
The rocket is plastic with a diecast warhead and possibly designed for loading caps, firing this rocket is certianly dangerous indoors with the heavy metal nose, you couldn’t design toys like that now-a-days.
In production from 1977 to 1983 then re-branded in yellow with the Wimpey construction logo from 1983 to 1984. Classics Elizabethan Express, Snowdrift at Bleath Gill, Train Time and a quantity of other titles - overall condition is Good.
From 1992-1996 a Canadian company, Irwin, also produced Girder and Panel sets, though they appear to have been mainly the sets to construct buildings and not roads and bridges. It manufactured lead figures and animals, die cast metal vehicles, toy guns, and later plastic figures. Reportedly, the company name was created when Tilt’s shoe-making father fashioned a logo featuring a big “T” (for Tilt, of course) framed by a diamond, which signified high quality.

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