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The well-known Arkansas philanthropist Jennings Osborn once owned a swanky lake estate here prior to his passing in 2011. Another beautiful home in this neighborhood, owned by Leon Milsap is another showy lake estate.
The neighborhood has many other beautiful lake estates, and also has some more modest homes along the inner streets of the neighborhood. Today, I get to cross off two destinations on my travel bucket list: Hot Springs, Arkansas and Branson, Missouri.
Only when I check out of the hotel do I realize that we are literally across the street from the Oaklawn Racing and Gaming track.
The hot springs from which the town takes its name are the result of a natural geothermal process. I guide the Glide to Hot Springs Mountain Tower, a privately operated viewing tower at the peak of the mountain in Hot Springs National Park. I have some local friends in Branson, and they’ve offered to come pick me up and take me to a special dinner spot.
Teresa Strasser is an Emmy Award-winning writer and television host, but more importantly, she is a parallel parking phenom – an important skill for navigating family vacations! With more than 25 years of experience, renowned dog behavior expert and New York Times best-selling author Cesar Millan is one of the most sought-after authorities in the field of dog behavior and rehabilitation. As a kid on family vacations in the 60's, you'd find him in the airplane galley chatting with flight attendants, scoring airline wings or decks of cards and begging for visits to the cockpit. Manny is the Chairman of the Hispanicize brand of Latino social media platforms, including the annual Hispanicize event, Hispanicize Wire, the Latina Mom Bloggers network and the Hispanic PR Blog. Sam Lowe is an almost-native Arizonan who has been writing about travel and curious things for more than 45 years. Comment: If you don't ride any other road in Arkansas, take Highway 7 from Eureka Springs to Hot Springs. Comment: This is a beautiful ride with many cool hole-in-the-wall places to stop along the way. Comment: Did most of this ride a month ago, and liked it so much I am heading back this week. Comment: If you're looking for a fun route from springs to springs and you've got all day, take this one. Motorcycle Lane Splitting PollAre you for or against legalizing motorcycle 'lane spliting?' Take the poll now!
The historic racetrack has been in operation since 1905, and has hosted the Arkansas Derby since 1936.
Hot Springs was a very popular attraction during the Victorian Era and into the first half of the 20th century, then fell out of favor in the 1960s.

I always assumed that there must be an active volcano in the region somewhere, but the water gains its heat from gravitational compression as it percolates downward through the ground from higher elevation, and gets its minerals and some more heat from the breakdown of radioactive elements in the rock and soil.
The steel tower is 216 feet tall, and makes a great starting point for a visual tour of the area.
The Ozark Mountains are lush and green, with a thick blanket of trees and other vegetation. As much as I love the desert near Las Vegas, it can’t hold a candle to the lush hills and forests of Southern Missouri near Branson. The office and lobby are at the top of the hill, and the hotel splays down the side of the hill in a gentle cascade. I’m meeting with one of my lifelong idols, Jim Stafford, before watching his show this evening. Having grown up in San Francisco and migrated to New York for school, Strasser has conquered both coasts with a wicked sense of humor and a “try anything once” attitude. In addition, he is a major shareholder in the Being Latino platform and publishes his own personal family blog PapiBlogger. My name is Nadine Sykora and I have been traveling for the world for the last few years and recording my experience. Prior to that, Bryson held senior positions in both the corporate and leisure travel sectors, at American Express and Sears Canada. There are so many good rides coming off of this route that it ends up being hard to decide. The Victorians (and others before them) believed in the healing powers of the hot mineral springs that flow through Hot Springs.
The springs were in danger of contamination due to the encroachment of people all the way back in the 19th century, so in 1832 the federal government declared the area as a U.S. For $7 admission, I ride up to the top of the observation tower, and I’m treated to panoramic views of Hot Springs. The Fordyce Bathhouse, one of the most opulent, has been restored and preserved as the park visitor center and museum.
As the road curves around the hills and mountains, each clearing reveals a beautiful vista. Jason also writes music, theater and film criticism, in addition to the occasional screenplay. Great in a group or by yourself, there are plenty of stops along the way to take a break or take some pictures.
Numerous bathhouses sprouted along Central Avenue, evolving from simple shacks to elaborate brick and marble showplaces.
Its 275-seat Dobyn Dining Room is the fine dining restaurant for the College, open to students and the general public alike.

Before working as a writer, Jason was an agent at the William Morris Agency in New York, representing writers and directors for film, television and theater. Whether I’m scuba diving with shark, snuggling with cheetahs or just sipping a smoothie in a cafe, each new day brings a new thrill.
Highly successful acts in Branson are treated as if they dropped out of show business by the smart sets in New York and LA, and I just don’t get it. Students from the Culinary Arts program train in the kitchen under professional chefs, preparing the gourmet menu. Then came Spiders and Snakes and a summer television series, The Jim Stafford Show, in 1975, followed by Those Amazing Animals with Burgess Meredith and Priscilla Presley. Jim Stafford, his band and his teenagers deliver a show that’s fun, funny, entertaining and inviting. I want to see what it is that keeps attracting performers and audiences to Branson, and what keeps them coming back. I’m parked on level ground, and I have no desire to buy trouble while trying to figure out how to get the bike to stand securely on the off-camber ground.
Other shows followed, including Nashville on the Road and the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour.
There was also a social element to the baths, which were seen not only as a healing force, but also as a place where civilized gentlemen and ladies could spend leisure time. All of the students at the College of the Ozarks work campus jobs to defray tuition costs — a unique approach to address the high cost of a college education. Stafford sits on the lip of the stage during intermission, chatting with fans, signing autographs and taking pictures. My favorite room in the Fordyce was the third floor men’s gymnasium, which is equipped with all types of old fashioned exercise equipment like pommel horses and speed bags, flooded with natural light from tall windows.
I always feel welcome on my bike, and even better than that — I always feel that my bike is welcome, too.
The road conditions are all good, if there has been a lot of rain some rock and mud may be in the curves. Nice stopping point in Jasper AR, Eats, Gas, Motels, store with gas, small deli and picnic tables overlooking the Buffalo River.
Eureka Springs, so many things to do hard to list them all, one of the top arts and culture destinations, Passion play, Beaver lake and lots of hotels and shopping.

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