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Travelling on a subway in New York City may be efficient and cost-effective, but it certainly leaves you with no cell phone reception love.
T-Mobile has signed a 10-year agreement with Transit Wireless for access to an underground network they are building to service the NYC subway system. New York is obviously a very interesting city to photograph, with all the different views, buildings and areas. Crafting the plot about Relocating to a different Place and the way to Get It Done Insightful?

This agreement will allow T-Mobile to provide service for customers in 277 subway stations across New York City.
Alost everyone that has been there will take at least some pictures from the same spots, so what can you do to make it different? On most Skyscrapers they dont allow Tripods, however I was amazed to see that some were even bothered by small Gorilla pods. I still thing the Empire State has a better view than top of the rock, a fun adventure is to actually find new spots.

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